Opening reception

Date: Tuesday 5 September 2005

Venue: Melia Hanoi Hotel, Thang Long Ballroom

APNIC members and friends are invited to attend the APNIC 20 opening reception at the Melia Hanoi Hotel. Enjoy a mix of Asian and western finger food and drinks in a five-star banquet venue. It's also a great opportunity to meet other APNIC 20 attendees in a warm and friendly environment.


Vietnam is a country of diverse cultures. To the west, Vietnam shares borders with Laos, Cambodia, and China, and to the east it borders the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin. More than 80% of the population is ethnic Vietnamese, but Vietnam is also home to more than 50 ethno-linguistic groups. This provides a foundation of diversity which is reflected in the art and culture of the country.

The cultural highlight of the APNIC 20 opening reception will be a local performance group, who will entertain guests with traditional music and dance. The group will stay at the venue throughout the reception.

This event is free. Please follow the direction of the Melia Hanoi Hotel staff to the Thang Long Ballroom.


Time Agenda
19:00 Finger food and drink
19:30 Vietnamese traditional music and dance
19:50 Opening speech
20:00 Networking, enjoy music, dance, food and drink
21:00 Reception concludes


Social event

Date: Wednesday 7 September 2005

Venue: Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

VNNIC invites all meeting attendees to the APNIC 20 social event at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Enjoy a relaxing cocktail party before being treated to a special water puppet show at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, followed by dinner.

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a cultural and scientific ethnological centre in Hanoi. The museum strives to conserve and develop Vietnamese culture and traditions. It is located on Nguyen Van Thuyen Street in Cau Giay District, about 8km from downtown Hanoi.

Hanoi is a part of the Red River Delta and has many lakes throughout the city. It is within this natural environment that the art of water puppetry has developed, and it can be traced back to the Ly Dynasty (1010-1225). The surface of the lake provides a "stage" for carefully created puppets, which, in the skilled hands of the puppeteers, are given life and used to tell stories.

We hope you will enjoy the night!


(This is a tentative schedule - please check Online Notice Board for most up to date information)

Time Agenda
18:30 First bus to leave from the Melia Hanoi Hotel
19:10 Last bus to leave from the Melia Hanoi Hotel
19:00 - 19:40 Pre-dinner cocktail party
19:50 - 20:30 Water puppet show
20:30 - 21:40 Dinner and networking
21:45 Buses leave from "Ethnography Museum" to the Hotel


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