IPv6 workshop

Tuesday 6 September, 9:00 - 5:30

Day 1 is sponsored by:

Cisco Systems VietnamGold sponsor

IPv6 Startup in collaboration with Consulintel

Tutor: Jordi Palet


IPv6, the new Internet protocol is currently being deployed around the world, and it is important for ISPs and upstream providers to start considering IPv6 deployment in their own networks if they are to meet the expected growth in customer demand.

This workshop offers a brief, practical introduction to the basics of IPv6. Participants will learn how to activate IPv6 on their own laptops, and be given practical instruction on:

  • Installing IPv6 on different platforms (XP/W2003, Linux, BSD)
  • Basic stateless/stateful configuration, including privacy setup
  • Transition mechanisms
  • Examples of applications

During the workshop the attendees will also learn to do some basic monitoring and troubleshooting of the IPv6 network.

The workshop is targeted at engineers and network administrators from both ISPs and SOHO/Enterprise networks. Participants should already have a basic knowledge of IPv4.

Note: Considering the hands-on approach of this workshop, it is highly recommended that the participants bring their own laptop, so they can practice the lessons learned during the workshop. It is assumed that most participants will be using Windows XP, so most of the training will be done on this operating system. Instructions for other operating systems will be provided, however, as part of the workshop material.

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