APNIC Executive Council (EC) Elections

The APNIC EC represents the APNIC Membership and acts in the best interests of the organization.

Open elections to fill vacant positions on the APNIC EC were held on 25 February 2011 at APNIC 31. The EC members whose positions were up for re-election were:

  • James Spenceley
  • Jian Zhang
  • Hyun-Joon Kwon
  • Kuo Wei Wu (The position held and vacated by Kuo Wei Wu, who was elected to the Board of ICANN, will also be up for election)
    30 April 2010: APNIC farewells Kuo-Wei Wu

James Spenceley, Kenny Huang, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, and Wei Zhao were elected to APNIC EC at this election.

Each member of the EC serves a two-year term of office but is eligible for re-election at the end of each term.

The APNIC EC consists of seven elected members including the Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. See a list of the current APNIC EC members.

Elections are held at each APNIC Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is conducted during the APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) in February.


Nominations closed, as of Wednesday, 9 February 2011, 17:30 (UTC +10).

This is the final list of nominees.


2011 EC Election Key Dates
Tuesday, 4 January Nominations open
Wednesday, 9 February 17:30 (UTC +10) Nominations close
Friday, 11 February Proxy & Online voting opens
Wednesday, 23 February 09:00 (UTC +8) Proxy & Online voting closes
Friday, 25 February 09:00-14:00 (UTC +8) On-site voting takes place

Please Note: UTC +10 denotes Brisbane time. UTC +8 denotes Hong Kong time.
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About APNIC Election Timelines

The dates and times that govern the APNIC election process are measured backward from the close of voting on election day. Election day is the day of the Annual Member Meeting (AMM) at the APNIC Meeting where the election is being held.

During the week of the APNIC Meeting, the times are calculated according to local time at the event location. In this case, Hong Kong time (UTC +8).

  • Nominations open approximately 8 weeks before AMM day
  • Nominations close approximately 2 weeks before AMM day
  • Proxy & Online voting opens 10 working days before AMM day
  • Proxy & Online voting closes at 09:00 two days prior to the election
  • EC on-site voting takes place 09:00-14:00 local time of the event