EC Nomination: Mr Imtiaz Ahmed

Name: Mr Imtiaz Ahmed
Organization: General Manager, PTCL
Biographical info: Technical Architecture of PTCL Triple Play Project (Internet, IPTV& VoIP) and Pioneer of Broadband Pakistan Services of PTCL in 700 cities of Pakistan covering 1.2 Million DSLAM ports of IPDSLAM, OFAN and MSAG. All Project planning, Designing Network Resources including Access, Aggregation and Core Network was transformed to cater for 80-Gbps Internet Traffic, Before launch of this project, total Internet Traffic from Pakistan was merely less than 5Gbps in 2006. Having done Masters in Operational Telecommunication with distinction from UK and a very bright aceademic background, he is the mastermind of all Internet growth in Pakistan since 1999 until now. He has spearheaded many different projects relating to Internet and Broadband in Pakistan including laucnh of MPLS VPN, IPTV, IPv4 to IPv6migration plan, building up Multi-Services Core of PTCL converging all Access Technologies. Another feather in his cap is Service Provisioning of Broabd Services with zero touch concept with full automation for Customers. A lot of innovative projects relating to Broadband and IPTV Servcies are on his credit without any Vendor involvement. He is also the Corporate Contact of PTCL for APNIC and represented PTCL in various IETF, APNIC and ITU conferences in and outside Pakistan. He is very energetic and possesses a pleasant personality.

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Name: Imtiaz Ahmed
Motivation for Nomination: His Selection for APNIC EC will be a real tribute to his services rendered for Internet growth in Pakistan where there was no awareness of large scale Broadband Services until 2007 when PTCL launched these services in 2007 with big bang and now have more than 90% share in local ISP market.