Meeting Report

Thank you to everyone who contributed to APNIC 31.

The preliminary event participation statistics are:

Meeting Statistics
Total number of on-site delegates 1171
Total number of APNIC delegates 426
Registered AMM delegates 208
Economies represented 48
APNIC Member organizations represented 160
Remote venue participants
Port Moresby, PNG
Jakarta, Indonesia
Remote online participants
Online remote participants* 353
*Web-based online participation figures are based on the number of unique IP addresses per session and exclude APNIC staff and on-site participants.

APNIC EC Election

During the APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) in Hong Kong on Friday, 25 February 2011, the following candidates were elected to the APNIC EC.

  • Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
  • James Spenceley
  • Kenny Huang
  • Wei Zhao
Election details are available on this site

Policy SIG

Eleven policy proposals were discussed.

The following proposals reached consensus:

  • prop-083: Alternative criteria for subsequent IPv6 allocations
  • prop-088: Distribution of IPv4 addresses once the final /8 period starts
  • prop-093: Reducing the minimum delegation size for the final /8 policy
  • prop-094: Adding alternative criteria to renumbering requirement in final /8 policy
  • prop-095: Inter RIR IPv4 address transfer proposal
  • prop-097: Global policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA

The following proposal was returned to the mailing list for further discussion:

  • prop-096: Maintaining demonstrated needs requirement in transfer policy after the final /8 phase

The following proposal was withdrawn by the author:

  • prop-091: Limiting of final /8 policy to specific /9

The following proposals did not reach consensus:

  • prop-086: Global policy for IPv4 allocations by the IANA post exhaustion
  • prop-090: Optimizing IPv6 allocation strategies
  • prop-092: Distribution of additional APNIC IPv4 address ranges after IANA exhaustion

For details see the APNIC Policy proposals page

An election for a new Policy SIG Co-Chair was held. Congratulations to Andy Linton on his election. APNIC would like to thank outgoing Co-Chair, Ching-Heng Ku, for his contribution.


Elections for a new IX SIG Chair and Co-Chair were held. Congratulations to Raphael Ho and Katsuyasu Toyama on their elections. APNIC would like to thank outgoing Chair, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, for his contribution.

Meeting Sponsors

APNIC offers its deepest thanks to the sponsors of APNIC 31, whose invaluable contributions allowed APNIC to offer a meeting program of a very high standard.

Upcoming APNIC Meetings

Busan, South Korea
August/September 2011

Delhi, India
February/March 2012
(with APRICOT 2012)