EC Nomination: James Spenceley

Name: Mr James Spenceley
Organization: CEO, Vocus Communications Limited
Biographical info: Mr James Spenceley has been an APNIC member and part of the Internet Community for well over a decade. During this time he has been a strong supporter of APNIC events, sponsoring standalone APNIC Meetings in 2000, 2008 and 2010. In addition he has proposed policy initiatives and been active in policy debates.

James founded his first ISP in the mid 1990's and from these small beginnings has been involved with networks and companies both large and small. As a result he has one of the most rounded experiences as to the requirements and issues facing large and small telecommunications and Internet companies alike.

He has during his career been technically responsible for the largest build of an IP network in Australian history (Comindico) where he looked after much of the business plan and products while managing multi million dollar budgets, vendor relations, technology selection and routing/ peering policies.

Since Cominidico, James founded Vocus, now one of the largest IP backbone providers in Australia and New Zealand. James has successfully managed Vocus into the awarded fastest growing technology company in Australia and second fastest growing technology company in Asia/Pacific for 2010. Vocus now listed on the Australian Stock Market offers IP transit and voice services in three markets (Australia, New Zealand and USA) giving James a strong perspective on operating an Internationally diverse operation and valuable experience in technical and financial matters and corporate governance.

James is also a founding director of AusNOG (Australian Network Operators Group), defining the company structure and not for profit nature of the AusNOG orgaisation. Since it's founding AusNOG has held four annual conferences which regularly exceed 200 attendees.

James is a current a serving member of the APNIC EC having been elected 2009. He has served this position for the last two years.

Nominated by

Name: Jonny Martin
Motivation for Nomination: I believe James Spenceley has had a significant and positive impact on the APNIC EC during his past term. Being the CEO of a fast growing and successful transit provider in Australia he possesss strong business acumen. He has been succesful in large part due doing the right thing for the Internet community - something that is as important now as it ever has been within APNIC. James has demonstrated on many occasions his ability to clearly articulate positions and provide the voice of reason when required. James has been an effective and complementary member of the APNIC EC.

James' unique and positive mix of business and technical experience and keen Interest in the stability and strength of the Internet within the region makes him an excellent candidate for the APNIC Executive Council.