IX SIG Chair and Co-chair Elections

APNIC is seeking volunteers to serve as Chair and Co-chair of the IX SIG. The Chair/Co-chair is a voluntary position whose responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with chairing the IX SIG session
  • Working with the Chair and other Co-chair to develop the agenda
  • Posting proposals and information about the IX SIG to the IX SIG mailing list
  • Working with the Chair and other Co-chair to encourage and facilitate discussion on the mailing list and at the APNIC meeting

For more details see Call for volunteers to be IX SIG Chair/Co-chair posted to the IX SIG mailing list.

Raphael Ho was unanimously elected as Chair of IX SIG.

Katsuyasu Toyama was elected as Co-chair of IX SIG.

Chair Nominees

Raphael Ho

Raphael Ho is the Director for Network Engineering and Operations for Equinix Asia, and responsible for the development of the Equinix Exchange platform and the SIPC Platform across the Asia Pacific.

Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Ho served as the Director for NOC Technical Support of Asia Netcom, supporting the Transmission, IP and Voice platforms. He has also served in various Engineering/Operations management positions in global organizations such as Pihana Pacific, Level 3 Communications and Global One in Singapore, US and the UK.

Mr. Ho graduated from Imperial College, London and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computing.

Co-chair Nominees

Katsuyasu Toyama

I am Katsuyasu Toyama of INTERNET MULTIFEED CO., operating Internet exchanges in Japan, called JPNAP. Today I am writing to indicate my interest to volunteer co-chair of IX SIG of APNIC.

I have been working for the company approximately 8 years, designed and constructed JPNAP network in 2001. Currently I am operating and improving JPNAP service continuously, and as a result, fortunately JPNAP has good reputation about its service quality from customers.

Also, since 2009 I have been doing my best, with current IX SIG chairs, Raphael and Gaurab, to establish a new association of Internet Exchange Providers in Asia-Pacific region, named APIX Forum.

This time I would like to indicate my interest on co-chair of IX SIG, because my such experiences may be helpful to run IX SIG and to facilitate not only IXP people but ISP and content providers to share outstanding issues regarding IX and its solutions, and contribute to better Internet operation.

Aftab Siddiqui

I would like to present myself as the IX-SIG Co-Chair. I have been working for last 6 years at Cyber Internet Services (Pvt.) Ltd which is one of the largest data and internet service provider in Pakistan. I have worked in various function at the company. 2 years back we established a small IX services on the regional basis and I've been involved with that since than.

I'm also serving as the IPv6 Task Force Pakistan core committee member and SANOG PC member and have been a regular contributor in recent regional workshops and conferences. While I put myself for the nomination of co-chair I believe that the little experience I've got while working in a difficult regional circumstances I may be able to add some value to the IX-SIG.