EC Nomination: Kim Yoonjeong

Name: Ms Kim Yoonjeong
Organization: Director, KRNIC, KISA
Biographical info: She has worked for IP team director of KRNIC, KISA(Korea Information Security Agency) since 2010. As a IP team director, she has initiated IPv6 transition project and has executed IPv4 allocation policy in Korea such as

1. publishing "Next Generation Internet Address (IPv6) Transition Plan" and "IPv6 actual guideline for every stakeholders"
2. establishing Korea IPv6 support center where every stakeholder could get technical support, IPv6 education and guidelines for IPv6 transition.
3. developing IPv6 based commercial services like web service and mobile telecommunication network service.
4. managing IPv6 internet exchange center in KRNIC for Korea ISP companies to run IPv6 network efficiently.
5. establishing efficient management policy plan for the allocation of IPv4 address in KRNIC.

She has been an APNIC member since APNIC29 and this is the 3rd time of attending. At APNIC 30 in Gold Coast, she suggested that KRNIC host APNIC32 in Busan, Korea. So you can visit Busan this August and share one of APNIC memories in another place of Korea.

In addition to IP allocation policy and IPv6 transition business, she is managing Internet address standardization of Korea like IDN, DNSSEC and XML based identification etc.

Before IP team director, she worked for internet security area in KISA. She has experiences of security and privacy policy and international cooperation. She was a member of "National Information Security Steering Committee" and co-author of "Roadmap of Information Security of Korea" . And she played an important role to form a foundation of Korean online identification system called "i-PIN" which could prevent privacy infringement on cyber space.

She attended in several APECTEL meetings and initiated "APEC Strategy to Ensure a Trusted, Secure and sustainable Online Environment" as an editor.
Nominee Statement: It's my great honor to be nominated for APNIC EC election.

Compare to other candidates, frankly speaking I have not so much experience in APNIC.

I just have been a good listener for APNIC speakers, a sharp observer of APNIC policy making, a sociable participant of APNIC social events during APNIC29 and APNIC30.

But as one of IP policy makers in Korea, I have developed IP allocation policy for post IPv4 season, IPv6 transition plan and managed IPv6 IX for one year.

I am willing to share IPv6 transition experience and to do my best to solve any difficult problems of APNIC members on the basis of experience in Korea.

As KRNIC will host APNIC32 in Busan this summer, it's more helpful if I elected to the EC.

This is the reason why I would like to be APNIC EC at this important moment.

Nominated by

Name: Kim Yoonjeong
Motivation for Nomination: Ms. Kim has successfully executed IP team director of KRNIC, KISA since 2010. As an IP team director, she has shown her drive force to develop internet address policy and IPv6 transition plan. I know that she has already much experience of international cooperation and national policy development in information security area. Her fruitful previous work of internet security will be a cornerstone to play an important role in APNIC. And I'm sure that she will be a good candidate for APNIC EC in spite of her short experience of APNIC.