Under consideration in the Policy SIG

The APNIC 42 Policy SIG meeting will include the following agenda items.

  • Consideration of prop-116: Prohibit to transfer IPv4 addresses in the final /8 block.
  • A Proposal to revise eligible voters of Chair election and Chair's term will be discussed at a joint sitting of all SIGs.
  • A range of updates on resource delegation and address transfer trends.
  • Following on from discussions at APNIC 41, a session on whois database accuracy will include presentations from the APNIC Secretariat and Law Enforcement.
    • Whois Data Quality Improvement Progress Update
    • Public Safety and Accuracy of IP Address whois

Full details of the Policy SIG Agenda will be published here soon.

The policy proposals have been summarized and translated into the following languages:


How to participate

During the Open Policy Meeting, remote participants can take part by watching the Video or joining the Full Webcast feed to access chat, transcripts and other facilities. Links are available from the agenda below.

Before joining consensus calls you should register to use the Confer consensus system. There are instructions for first time users.

Please ensure your register to use Confer before the SIG Chair calls for consensus.

How to participate in the policy process

APNIC policy process

Consensus Policy Making

IP addresses and AS numbers are shared resources, available for use by anyone who can demonstrate the need for them. APNIC policies ensure these resources are distributed fairly and consistently across the whole Asia Pacific region. Proposed policy changes are discussed in the Policy SIG.

APNIC policies are decided by the Asia Pacific community in a consensus decision-making process that is:

  • Open
  • Transparent
  • Bottom-up

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