Congratulations to the APNIC 42 Fellows. These Fellows are supported by APNIC, APIA, Google and Internet Society.

* Declined or offer not confirmed by the due date.

Youth Fellows

First Name Middle Name Last Name Gender Nationality Type Track
Alaul Islam Male Bangladesh Youth Conference
Hema Shekhawat Female India Youth Conference
Fernaz Narin Nur Female Bangladesh Youth Conference
Ikhwanul Kurnia Rahman Male Indonesia Youth Conference
Jhulindra Monger Male Bhutan Youth Conference
Mahum * Tariq Female Pakistan Youth Conference
Md Mofijul Islam Male Bangladesh Youth Conference
Mohammad Sharif Yousofi Male Afghanistan Youth Conference
Prabod Manuranga Rathnayaka Male Sri Lanka Youth Conference
Prazol* Maharjan Male Nepal Youth Conference
Rajitha * Sandaruwan Ramanayake Male Sri Lanka Youth Conference
Rajwinder Kaur Female India Youth Conference
Richa Jaiswal Female India Youth Conference
Sugandha* Kc Male Nepal Youth Conference
Syed Muhammad Sajjad Male Pakistan Youth Conference
Tunisha Varshney Female India Youth Conference
Muhammad Saleem Khan Male Pakistan Youth Conference
Tshewang Tenzin Male Bhutan Youth Conference

Professional Fellows

First Name Middle Name Last Name Gender Nationality Type Track
Abdul Khalil Azizi Male Afghanistan Professional Conference + Workshop
Ahmad Syakir* Ishak Male Malaysia Professional Conference + Workshop
Anupam Deo Male India Professional Conference
Bolor-erdene Sugirdorj Male Mongolia Professional Conference + Workshop
Chem Chhayheng Male Cambodia Professional Conference + Workshop
Chou Ly Linh Female Cambodia Professional Conference + Workshop
Dhungyel Ram Dilli Male Bhutan Professional Conference + Workshop
Elisapeta Tipasa Mauai Female Samoa Professional Conference + Workshop
Ismail Haleem Male Maldives Professional Conference + Workshop
Juhi Johana Bashir Female Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Karma Tshering Male Bhutan Professional Conference + Workshop
Linda Raelina Mamahit Female Indonesia Professional Conference + Workshop
Manahil Ahmed Khan Female Pakistan Professional Conference + Workshop
Mary Rose Ofianga Rontal Female Philippines Professional Conference
Maureen Hilyard Female Cook Islands Professional Conference
Md. Mahbubul Alam Male Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Md Mohibul Hasan Male Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Md. Abdullah Al Naser Male Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Mohammad Samiul Bashar Male Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Mohammad Tanvir Parvez Male Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Neranjan De Silva Jayatilake Male Sri Lanka Professional Conference + Workshop
Oky Tria Saputra Male Indonesia Professional Conference + Workshop
Peldon Peldon Female Bhutan Professional Conference + Workshop
Rajendra Paudyal Male Nepal Professional Conference + Workshop
Rashmi Joshi Female Nepal Professional Conference + Workshop
Rupesh Kumar Thapa Male Nepal Professional Conference + Workshop
Sai Nyan Lynn Swe Male Myanmar Professional Conference + Workshop
Sarker Md. Bakibillah Male Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Shabbir Hussain Male Pakistan Professional Conference + Workshop
Shamiya Mizan Ommie Female Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Soulivong Win Chanthasone Male Laos Professional Conference + Workshop
Sudha Bhuvaneswari Narayanaswamy Female India Professional Conference
Subhashini Nelum Kumari Kadurugasyaya Female Sri Lanka Professional Conference + Workshop
Tari * Tchien Male Vanuatu Professional Conference + Workshop
Tasfia Rahman Female Bangladesh Professional Conference + Workshop
Vashkar Bhattacharjee Male Bangladesh Professional Conference
Yohani Shamindi Ranasinghe Female Sri Lanka Professional Conference + Workshop
Ziyam Abdeen Abdeen Male Sri Lanka Professional Conference + Workshop
Zolzaya Shagdar Female Mongolia Professional Conference + Workshop
Mohd Firdaus Hamid Male Malaysia Professional Conference + Workshop

Fellowship applications are now closed. Successful first round fellows list will be published on Tuesday, 02 August 2016.

About the program

A group photo of all APNIC 40 fellows at the APNIC 40 conference

APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) is a membership-based, not-for-profit service organization. As one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), APNIC is responsible for managing, distributing, and registering Internet number resourcessuchas IP addresses and AS numbers within the Asia Pacific region.

APNIC is also actively involved in the development of Internet infrastructure - both human and physical - throughout the region. This includes providing training and education services, supporting technical activities such as root server and InternetExchangePoint (IXPs) deployments, and collaborating with other regional and international organizations in the Internet community.

The APNIC community meets twice a year for policy development, information sharing, training and networking – both professional and social. The first APNIC event of each year is held as a conference track of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet ConferenceonOperational Technologies (APRICOT) and the second is held as a standalone APNIC conference.

To ensure the Asia Pacific Internet community is well represented at these important events, APNIC offers a limited number of fellowships to its Members and youth in the region's developing economies to attend and participate at APNIC conferences. Theseconferencesbring diverse stakeholder groups together to discuss technical and Internet governance matters and number resource policies.

The fellowship program places special emphasis on gender and geographical diversity and promotes the full participation and involvement of women from the Internet community at the conferences and in the APNIC policy development process (PDP).

Fellowship goals

APNIC's fellowship program has five main goals:

  1. Raise awareness about APNIC and its services.
  2. Foster greater understanding of, and participation in, the APNIC PDP.
  3. Provide an opportunity for colleagues to network with peers in the industry with similar technical interests.
  4. Identify and foster the professional development of members of the Asia Pacific Internet community from emerging and developing economies.
  5. Demonstrate APNIC's commitment to capacity building.

Fellowship categories

APNIC provides fellowships for professionals and youth.

Professional Fellowships

Those who have completed their studies, are employed, seeking jobs, or managing a business can apply for a fellowship under the Professional Fellowship category. Professional applicants can apply for a fellowship for either the workshop or conferencetracks.

Selection criteria

  • Residents of developing economies in the Asia Pacific region, including Least Developed Country (LDC) or Small Island Development State (SIDS), as per the UN definition.
  • Preference is given to those who have not yet had any experience with an APNIC conference, however it is open to everyone.
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize the experiences gained from the fellowship experience to encourage local interest in APNIC.
  • Good understanding of the importance of APNIC's role in managing critical Internet number resources in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Interest to contribute to the APNIC PDP.
  • A willingness to support APNIC's capacity building program.
  • A willingness to contribute to APNIC's social media and fellowship alumni networks.

Youth Fellowships

Those who are currently undertaking studies in ICT-related courses at a recognized educational institution can apply for a fellowship under Youth Fellowship category. Youth applicants can apply for a fellowship for the Conference track only. For moreinformationabout the selection criteria for the Youth Fellowship, please see Youth Fellowship.

Fellowship package

Successful applicants will receive the following support:

  • An economy class return air ticket to the conference or workshop week
  • Twin shared hotel accommodation with breakfast for the duration of the conference or workshop week
  • A fixed cash allowance of AUD 100
  • Complimentary registration to the conference or workshop week
  • Complimentary attendance to all the conference or workshop social events

Selection process

A selection committee carefully evaluates all the applications. The committee then selects the applicants that it believes are best suited for the fellowship, taking into consideration a desire to provide opportunities to individuals from a diverserangeof organizations and geographical locations within the APNIC service region.

The decisions of the selection committee are final and the selected applicants are informed individually. A list of selected fellows is then announced on the APNIC conference website.

(Applicants who are not selected to receive a fellowship award for the current APNIC conference are eligible and encouraged to apply for future APNIC conferences.)

Key Dates
Monday, 13 June 2016Applications open
Monday, 18 July 2016Applications close at 23:59 (UTC +10)
Tuesday, 02 August 2016First round offers  announced
Sunday, 07 August 2016Confirmation of first round offers close at 23:59 (UTC +10)

APNIC Youth Fellowships

APNIC introduced the Youth Fellowship initiative at the APNIC conference to encourage and foster the confidence, passion, and commitment of the next generation of the Asia Pacific Internet community’s technical leaders. It offers young people an opportunity to meet and share ideas with the APNIC community and technical experts from around the world.

Through this initiative, young people from the Asia Pacific region can gain important skills and make connections to accelerate their own career goals and contribute more robustly to the bottom-up PDP and Internet governance issues.


The Youth fellows will gain valuable insights and experience through their exposure to a range of diverse stakeholders from various disciplines across the Internet ecosystem. The objectives of such engagement include:

  • Reinforcement of the importance of young people in fostering the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet in the Asia Pacific
  • Promotion of youth as a key aspect of the next generation of leadership
  • Empowerment of young Internet leaders by broadening their experience and enabling their participation in bottom-up discussions of policy and Internet governance issues
  • Providing opportunities to participate in the regional Internet ecosystem and to interact and engage with Internet experts
  • Preparing young people to actively engage with national and regional Internet development activities

Selection criteria

APNIC Youth Fellowships are for young nationals of the Asia Pacific region who have a strong interest in APNIC’s activities. Selections are made via an application process based on the following criteria:

  • Aged between 20 and 30 years
  • Currently pursuing studies in ICT course at a recognized educational institution
  • Provides clear evidence of strong motivation for attending the APNIC Conference
  • Demonstrates interest and knowledge in APNIC activities
  • Demonstrates experience in participating in discussions at national and regional levels and in multicultural environments
  • A willingness to continue collaboration with APNIC at training and/or NOG events after the Conference


These terms are applicable to both Professional and Youth Fellowship applicants.


In order to gain the most out of the APNIC conference experience and to actively achieve the goals of this initiative, APNIC expects the fellows to comply with the following duties.

Before the Conference

  • Subscribe to the Policy SIG (Special Interest Group) and APNIC-talk mailing lists and, where appropriate, participate.
  • Join their local Network Operators Group (NOG), if one is present.
  • Register and keep up to date with the program on the Conference website.
  • Browse the conference speakers’ list to make appointments to meet at the venue to discuss topics of interest.
  • Suggest and/or organize a session to share their views/experience with other Youth fellows.
  • Join and participate in APNIC social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

During the conference

  • Participate broadly in the conference agenda.
  • Attend daily brief and/or debrief meetings.
  • Participate in APNIC social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Help with Policy SIG preparation and discussions.
  • Network with conference delegates at the social events.

After the conference

  • Complete a follow-up survey on your experience to help us improve this initiative.
  • Write a blog post to share your experience with the community.
  • Participate in the Policy SIG mailing list to continue to engage with the discussions.
  • Subscribe to the APNIC Training mailing list to keep up to date with the local training activities.
  • Share your experience and knowledge with your institution’s students and management.
  • Participate in the local NOG and/or other related ICT events.
  • Post your experience to APNIC social media - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  • Valid passport.
  • Conference or workshop registration.
  • Any other travel documents required by your economy, transit economy, and/or host country.
  • Visa and transit visa eligibility and requirements

    Fellows are responsible for obtaining all the necessary visa and related travel documents. Upon request, APNIC will provide a formal invitation letter to attend an APNIC conference for which the fellowship grant is provided.


  • All flights will be arranged and booked by the APNIC travel agent and will only be purchased after all the necessary travel documents are obtained, including visas and transit visas, and a scanned copy of these documents are provided to APNIC.
  • All tickets will be purchased based on the most direct route and least expensive fare. Fellows cannot create their own travel route, reroute or extend any itinerary booked by APNIC.
  • APNIC will not be liable for any loss or expenses incurred by an applicant while arranging the necessary travel documents and obtaining the required visas from the relevant country authorities.
  • APNIC will not be liable for any refusal to grant a visa by any relevant economy authority.


  • APNIC will provide complimentary registration to attend the workshop or conference. An email will be sent to successful fellows with details to register.
  • APNIC will book and cover the cost of a twin-shared hotel room either at the conference venue or within close proximity.
  • Any hotel surcharges, e.g, telephone calls, room service, laundry, massage, movies, etc., are the responsibility of the fellow. It should be clearly noted that hotels may request a credit card or cash as deposit from a fellow to guarantee surcharge expenses.
  • A fixed cash allowance of AUD 100 for the entire event will be provided to offset reasonable expenses such as ground transport and other incidentals not provided at the conference. This allowance will be paid upon the arrival of the fellow at the conference venue.

Reporting and responsibilities

  • Fellows must attend all sessions and be present at the conference and/or workshop from start to finish every day.
  • Fellows must meet with their mentors for daily briefings at an agreed place and time.
  • Fellows are required to submit a summary report to APNIC within two weeks of the end of the Conference. More details on the length and focus of the report will be provided at the conference.
  • Fellows are also required to complete conference and fellowship surveys.

Laws, regulations, and legislation

  • As a fellow to the APNIC conference, it is your responsibility to comply with all local laws, regulations, and legislation of the country or countries to which you will travel. These include immigration and customs.
  • APNIC is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Australia and must therefore comply with all the laws, regulations, and legislation of Australia.
  • APNIC is collecting personal information from you in order to process your application for an APNIC fellowship. Without this information, APNIC may not be able to process your application.
  • APNIC will publish your name, country, and organization name on the public website and may also publish this information on APNIC’s Social Media accounts.

Health and Safety

  • Fellows are responsible for maintaining their personal health and safety during the conference.
  • APNIC strongly suggests that fellows seek guidance from their respective health authorities for any potential health risks in the city to be visited. Fellows should receive, at their own expense, all recommended vaccinations before travelling.
  • APNIC is not responsible for the personal health and safety of any fellow.
  • Obtaining and paying for any travel insurance is the sole responsibility of the fellow.
  • Upon request, APNIC will assist in claims processing but APNIC will not pay nor apply for the claims.
  • APNIC is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.

Privacy Policy

  • APNIC has a privacy policy that contains information about:
    • How you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by APNIC, and how APNIC will deal with such a complaint;
    • How you may access and seek the correction of the personal information held by APNIC about you.
  • Please note, while it is unlikely your personal information will be disclosed to any overseas recipient, some of your personal information may be stored by APNIC using computer servers located outside Australia.


  • If a fellow is unable to attend the conference due to unforeseen circumstances, upon a fellow's written request, APNIC may in its discretion recommend the Fellowship Committee to consider the fellow for the next APNIC standalone conference.

Failure to Comply with Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that if a fellow fails to comply with any one of the above-mentioned terms and conditions of the APNIC fellowship program, APNIC reserves the right to determine the appropriate course of action. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Terminating a fellowship before the conference;
    • Early departure from the conference;
    • Covering costs for all expenditures.

APNIC Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for an APNIC Fellowship?

The online application system is the only method that you can use to apply for an APNIC Fellowship. All information requested in the application must be provided on the online application form.

Where can I see the online application?

When the fellowship applications are open, a link to the online application system will be made available on the conference website. Check the key dates under the “Overview” tab.

Is there any age limit to apply for a fellowship?

There are no age limits to apply for a Professional Fellowship. However, age limits do apply for Youth Fellowships. Check the “Youth” tab for further details.

What are Professional Fellowships?

Those who have completed their studies, are employed, seeking jobs, or managing a business can apply for a fellowship under the Professional Fellowship category. Professional applicants can apply for a fellowship for either the workshop or conference tracks.

What are Youth Fellowships?

Those who are currently undertaking studies in ICT-related courses at a recognized educational institution can apply for a fellowship under the Youth Fellowship category. Youth applicants can apply for a fellowship for the conference track only.

Do I need to reapply for each round?

Yes. If you apply for an APNIC Fellowship and are unsuccessful, you must complete and submit a new application for the next APNIC standalone conference.

How many times can I receive fellowship support?

APNIC Fellowships are provided once, to provide an opportunity for new attendees. We encourage APNIC community members who are not able to attend conferences to attend the APNIC Regional Meetings and APNIC Training sessions.

If my application is rejected, can I apply again?

Yes. Applicants who are not selected to receive an APNIC Fellowship for the upcoming APNIC conference are encouraged to apply for a future APNIC conference.

How will I know if I received a fellowship?

All successful applicants are published on the current APNIC conference website, approximately 10 days after the online application period closes. APNIC fellows will also receive an email and offer letter when the list of fellows is published.

How long do I have to accept the offer?

Successful APNIC fellows are asked to notify APNIC within a week, or according to the deadline mentioned in the offer letter.

What happens if I do not accept the offer by the deadline?

If a successful applicant does not accept the APNIC Fellowship by the deadline, the spot will be given to the next eligible applicant on a stand-by list.

What does the offer cover?

APNIC Fellowships cover return economy class airfares from your nearest airport to the Conference venue, twin-shared accommodation, a cash allowance, and registration for the event. Please note that fellows will share a room with another fellow of the same sex.

How will my travel be covered?

APNIC will book the airfare and accommodation. Any additional expenses are the responsibility of the fellow.

How does the cash allowance work?

All APNIC Fellows are eligible to receive a fixed cash allowance of AUD 100. The allowance will be provided in Australian dollars (AUD) upon arriving at the APNIC conference venue.

Do I need insurance?

APNIC strongly encourages fellows to discuss insurance options with a local travel advisor when travelling to APNIC conferences.

Can I change my travel route and/or extend my stay?

No. APNIC Fellows are not able to make changes to the travel route provided or to extend their stay.

Can I get an APNIC Fellowship to attend both the workshops and conference?

To enable more applicants to receive a fellowship offer, we ask successful fellows to select either the workshop or conference week.

What travel documents are needed?

All fellows must have:

  • A valid passport
  • Travel documents as required by your economy of origin

Please note, a:

  • Visa may be required for entry to the host economy
  • Transit visa may be required to connect through some cities or economies

All attendees must check the particular requirements with a local consulate or travel agency.

APNIC Fellowship Committee

The Fellowships Committee (FC) is responsible for reviewing and selecting applicants to be eligible to receive fellowships to APNIC Conference.

Listed below are all the Fellowships Committee Members for APNIC 42.

  • Afifa Abbas, Bangladesh
  • Ahmad Alkazimy, Indonesia
  • Elly Tawhai, APNIC
  • Fred Christopher, Fiji
  • Paddy MacQueen, APNIC
  • Sheryl Hermoso, APNIC
  • Sonam Keba, Bhutan
  • Sunny Chendi, APNIC