APNIC 42 Workshop and Conference Venue

Hilton Colombo

No. 2 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha
Colombo 02
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 11 2492020
Fax: +94 11 2544657
Email: colombo.reservations@hilton.com
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The Hilton Colombo hotel exterior

We have negotiated reduced conference accommodation rates at the following hotels.

Hilton Colombo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

No. 2 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha
Colombo 02
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 11 2492020
Fax: +94 11 2544657
Email: colombo.reservations@hilton.com
Visit the Hilton Colombo website

  • Single room USD 172 nett
  • Double room USD 185 nett

The above rates include:

  • Complimentary buffet breakfast served at the Spices restaurant.
  • Complimentary high speed internet access.
  • Standard water bottles replenished daily.
  • Free use of the Fitness Centre.

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The Hilton Colombo deluxe room interior The Hilton Colombo deluxe room (twin) interior

Colombo City Hotel

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

No. 33, Canal Row, Fort
Colombo 01
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 (0) 11 5341962-63 / +94 (0) 11 5341965-66
Fax: +94 (0) 11 2432480
Email: cmb_cityhotels@sltnet.lk
Visit the Colombo City Hotel website

  • Single room USD 65 / LKR 9,620 nett
  • Double room USD 76 / LKR 11,248 nett

The above rates include:

  • Government Tax and Service charge.
  • Complimentary Daily buffet breakfast
  • Complimentary 24hours in room Wifi Internet access
  • Complimentary Coffee Tea making facilities in the Room
  • Complimentary 02 Bottle of Mineral Water in the room daily.

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The Colombo City Hotel exterior The Colombo City Hotel double room interior

Short stay visa for Sri Lanka

It is recommended that you apply for a visa prior to travelling to Sri Lanka to avoid queues on arrival at the airport.

All travellers to Sri Lanka must have a passport with at least 6 (six) months of validity remaining from their date of arrival in the country.

To apply for your Sri Lankan Visa online please visit:


Nationals and categories who are exempt are listed on this link:

In the form, please note the local address of the conference venue:

Hilton Colombo
2 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 00200,
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 2 492492

If applying for a business visa, you will be required to provide the name and address of the local host, the details of which are:

Contact name: Mr Lal Dias
Room 4 –112 BMICH
Bauddhaloka Maratha
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 2 691 692

Once submitted, you will receive confirmation by email and your ETA will be sent to you within 48 hours. We recommend that you print it to present at the immigration counter upon arrival.

The best way to get to the hotel form the airport is via booked private transport. Below are two options for transfers however delegates are of course free to choose their own preferred operator.

Airport transfers with NKAR Tours and Travel

Bandaranaike International Airport is located 32 kilometres from the Hilton Colombo.

APNIC 42 in Colombo - Sri Lanka

28 September - 5 October 2016

Arrival & Departure Transfer Prices

(02 Pax)
(03-07 Pax)
Mini Coach
(08-14 Pax)
33 Seater
(15-26 Pax)
45 Seater
(27-36 Pax)
Price per Vehicle per way 35 45 69 99 121

The Above Price Includes:

  • Transfers from Airport to Hilton Hotel Colombo or vice versa.
  • Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle with the services of an English Speaking chauffer guide up to 07 Pax and services with an English speaking National guide from 08 Pax & above.

The Above Prices Does Not Include:

  • Meals, Mineral water & beverages during the transfers.
  • Hotel Accommodation charges.
  • Expenses of a personal nature.
  • Any other services not specified above.

Above prices are in USD net and inclusive of applicable taxes as at 5th August 2016. Prices valid from 15-Sep-2016 to 15-Oct-2O16

Special note - All the guests are kindly required to look for paging under APNIC 42 - Colombo - Sri Lanka.


Unforeseen escalation in fuel prices, new taxes/levies on hotels and transportation services or any hikes in entrance fees. Any large tax hikes and new levies shall be payable extra and shall be billed accordingly with reasonable prior notice.

To book your airport transfer with NKAR, please complete the NKAR Airport Transport Booking Form and send it to dhanushka@nkartravelhouse.com and ruwantissa@nkartravelhouse.com

Airport transfers with Hilton Colombo

Alternatively you may wish to use the Hilton Colombo Airport transfers.
Below are the rates offered by the Hilton Colombo:

  • By Kia Sorento (max. 3 pax with luggage) US$ 48 nett (per way)
  • By A/C. Micro van (max. 8 pax with luggage) US$ 85 nett (per way)
  • By A/C. Coach (max. 30 pax with luggage) US$200 nett (per way)

Please book with the Hilton Travel desk by email : abantour@sltnet.lk

APNIC provides the above information as a courtesy for delegates, however does not endorse any particular operator and does not take a commission from any tour/transfer operator.

About Colombo

The name "Colombo", first introduced by the Portuguese in 1505, is believed to be derived from the classical Sinhalese name Kolon thota, meaning "port on the river Kelani". It has also been suggested that the name may be derived from the Sinhalese name Kola-amba-thota which means "Harbour with leafy mango trees". Due to its large harbour and its strategic position along the East-West sea trade routes, Colombo was known to ancient traders 2,000 years ago. However, it was only made the capital of the island when Sri Lanka was ceded to the British Empire in 1815, and its status as capital was retained when the nation became independent in 1948. In 1978, when administrative functions were moved to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Colombo was designated as the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.

Things to do in Colombo

Visit the official Sri Lanka travel website for a list of things to do in Colombo.

Colombo City Tour

The Sri Lanka Convention Bureau will offer a half-day city tour to the first 120 delegates who register their interest. A tour desk will be available during the conference from 3 to 5 October 2016.

A tour desk will also be available during the conference.

For more information on Sri Lanka attractions, please refer to the Sri Lanka tourism website.

Note: APNIC provides the above information as a courtesy for delegates, however does not endorse any particular operator and does not take a commission from any tour/transfer operator.

It's important to know...

This information have been provided courtesy of NKAR tours and travel and has been reproduced with their permission.


It is always best to consume bottled water which is readily available and can be bought from all the hotel bars, restaurants and local shops. Please ensure that throughout the stay you drink as much water or soft drinks in order to avoid dehydration.


Voltage is 230 V but you may need an adapter in most hotels, since the type of pin can be different to the one on the plug base.

Credit Cards

All recognized credit cards are accepted, however it is important to check if a service charge is levied. Avoid any individuals taking your credit card away from you for payments.


ATMs are available island-wide and the use of credit cards are also encouraged and accepted by most establishments.

Swimming & Sunbathing

Sea bathing can be dangerous in certain places due to the strong currents, especially during the monsoon period. Therefore sea bathing is at your own risk. Please respect the local people when swimming or sunbathing - topless or nudity is prohibited. Always remember to use a high factor sunscreen lotion as the sunrays can be strong.

Taking Photographs

In general Sri Lankans love having their picture taken, but it is common courtesy to ask for permission. Taking photographs of dams, airports, road blocks or anything associated with security is forbidden. Do not pose beside or in front of a statue of the Buddha as this is considered extremely disrespectful.

Entertaining Drivers

Entertaining drivers is not encouraged as this could lead to familiarity, however you could use your discretion. Refrain from offering liquor to drivers even after working hours, as in a case of an emergency in the night the driver must be fit to drive.


It is suggested that you use a mosquito repellant. Most hotels will provide this to you. If not these are freely available in local shops. Mosquito coils are not recommended. Mosquito repellant oils which can be applied on your body when sitting out in the evenings, are also available. You are advised to test it on your skin at least one hour before use.

Calling Home

This can be done from your hotel either through the operator or some hotels provide direct dialing facilities from your room. You need to dial "00" followed by the country code of the respective country followed by the area code and the number. Various Per pay mobile SIM connections is available in Sri Lanka & any one can purchase one at the airport.

Medical Attention

Most hotels have a regular doctor visiting the hotel. Therefore should you require medical attention, please consult the resident doctor through the reception. If not, you may speak to your driver/guide.

Dress Code

Casual wear is acceptable. However, swim wear is accepted only around the pool or beach areas and most certainly not inside the hotel. The body must be fully covered when visiting temples and other places of worship. Long dresses and trousers are recommended for such visits.


The world's finest Tea and Spices are grown here. Sri Lankan precious gemstones are world famous. A wide range of Batiks, Silver & Brassware, Ornaments and Jewellery are found here. Branded clothing and Ceramic ware are available on popular offers. Prices cannot be bargained in shopping malls but in other markets or shops you may be able to negotiate on the quoted prices.

Food & Hygiene

As a leading tourist destination, Sri Lanka holds one of the best hygienic records in Asia, where stomach complaints are not common. Nevertheless, it's good to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Most importantly use bottled water for drinking or rinsing your mouth. To avoid inferior quality water, it is recommended that the water bottles are purchased from supermarkets or recognized shops only.
  • Coconut water is renowned as a settler for a queasy stomach.
  • Using the fingers for eating is a norm in Sri Lanka and certainly not considered un-etiquette.

Secure the Travel Document

Please keep your travel documents and other valuables in a safe place.

Safety Lockers in Hotels

Refrain from leaving your travel documents, money and other valuables unattended in the hotel room. It is recommended that you store such items in the safety locker in the room or alternatively in the safety locker at the reception.

Interacting with Locals

The majority of the population is Sinhalese 74%, Tamils 17%, Muslims (Moors & Malays) 7.7%, Burghers (descendants of the Portuguese, Dutch and English) and others O.3%.

Sri Lanka is generally a very safe country with a low crime rate and theft. Walking around on your own during reasonable hours (not late at night) is safe, however, it is recommended that you take note of the following:

  • During your holiday, people may approach offering cheap transportation, day tours, excursions and even overnight tours - be cautious of such offers at times there could be the possibility of extraction of money in different ways.
  • Such individuals may look simple and friendly - but looks can certainly be deceptive. All we recommend is, if you do want to go on any day tours or overnight excursions, to book such tours through responsible parties, who would not only deliver value for money but also give due consideration to health and safety.
  • When using the local mode of transportation, it's always best to negotiate and agree on a price before you start the journey.
  • We always recommend that you interact with the local community to get a better feel of the destination. But be seriously cautious when and where to draw the line.

Here are a few more well established 'scams' but remember that the con artists will always come up with new ones:

  • You may be shown copies of sponsorship forms of Orphanages, Deaf & Blind Schools and Places of Worship, etc - these may not be from bona fide organizations, so please be cautious.
  • You may be offered valuable products and even gemstones at real bargain prices - remember there could always be a catch to it.

Visa to Sri Lanka can be easily obtained online by login in to www.eta.gov.lk