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Policy SIG Meeting Report

SIG Elections

During the Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 39, Masato Yamanishi was elected as Chair of the APNIC Policy SIG. As there was no candidate for the position of Co-Chair, the community agreed to hold another election at APNIC 40. If an acting Chair is required before a new Co-Chair is elected, the Secretariat will be asked to recruit an Acting Chair from the APNIC representatives to the NRO Number Council.

Policy Proposals

The APNIC 39 Policy SIG meeting had the following outcomes. The full agenda, including transcripts and video archive is available below.

One proposal did not reach consensus and was abandoned.

  • prop-112: On demand expansion of IPv6 address allocation size in legacy IPv6 space

The following proposals did not reach consensus and were returned to the author and the mailing list for further consideration.

  • prop-113: Modification in the IPv4 eligibility criteria
  • prop-114: Modification in the ASN eligibility criteria
  • prop-115: Registration of detailed assignment information in whois DB

Informational presentations:

Community consultation:


Consensus Policy Development

Internet number resources are shared public resources, available for use by anyone who can demonstrate the need for them. Delegation and management policies are decided by the community in a consensus decision-making process run by the Policy SIG.

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