Policy SIG Chair Election

An election was held as the first item on the agenda. The term of APNIC Policy SIG Co-Chair Masato Yamanishi was extended for a further two years.

Acting Chair for the APNIC 38 OPM

As Policy SIG Chair, Andy Linton, was unavailable, Masato Yamanishi was Chair of the meeting.


CONFERThe Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 38 will include a pilot of a prototype electronic consensus measurement system known as CONFER (CONsensus FEedback in Realtime).

CONFER is designed to make it easier for remote participants to respond to the Consensus Call during the APNIC Policy SIG. During the trial, the browser-based system will be used by all SIG participants, including those present in Brisbane.

The tool will also be used in other settings as a means for quickly gauging community thoughts on important questions.

CONFER is available at the following URL: http://confer.apnic.net 

The system is very intuitive as you can see on this help page.

Consensus Policy Making

IP addresses and AS numbers are shared resources, available for use by anyone who can demonstrate the need for them. APNIC policies ensure these resources are distributed fairly and consistently across the whole Asia Pacific region. Proposed policy changes are discussed in the Policy SIG.

at the mic

APNIC policies are decided by the Asia Pacific community in a consensus decision-making process that is:

  • Open
  • Transparent
  • Bottom-up

For more information about the APNIC Policy process please consider these links.