Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force (APIPv6TF)

When: 18:00 - 19:30, Thursday 26 August 2010
Where: Hinterland 1 & 2
Chair: Tony Hill

Way Forward: Before and After IPv4 Exhaustion

IPv4 address exhaustion is rapidly approaching. The current projection for exhaustion is February 2012. What should the community do to prepare for the period immediately before and after the last addresses are allocated? This multi-stakeholder discussion will include input from government representatives, ISPs, industry associations, and RIR representatives.

Discussion Outline

  • Sanjaya, APNIC: Projection of IPv4 address exhaustion and community efforts in APNIC in increasing IPv6 deployment
  • Yoshinobu Matsuzaki: A successful IPv6 implementation plan by an ISP
  • Jon Onley: Regional/local community organizations efforts to support IPv6 deployment
  • Madam Roshda Md Yunan and Mr. Hasanul Haque Inu: A good example of government engagement
  • Azlan Osman and Selvakumar Manickam: A good example of academic engagement

APIPv6TF was established in Japan in 2003 to encourage IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region and to serve as a platform for knowledge exchange. Several economies have shared the responsibilities of managing the Secretariat during the past seven years.  APNIC is now serving as the Secretariat from January 2010 to March 2012.

We are experiencing a rapidly changing operational environment as IPv4 address exhaustion approaches. Cooperation among members in different economies is the key to managing the challenges that IPv4 exhaustion presents. APIPv6TF will make an effort to bring members together for mutual support across a diverse geographical area.

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Yoshinobu Matsuzaki
IIJ, Japan
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Jon Onley
The Australian Industry Group
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Madam Roshda Md Yunan
Ministry of Information, Communications, and Culture, Malaysia
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Mr Hasanul Haque Inu
Post and Telecommunication, Bangladesh
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Azlan Osman
NAv6, Malaysia
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