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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of APNIC 30.

Next stop: Hong Kong

The next meeting, APNIC 31, will be held 21-25 February 2011 in Hong Kong in conjunction with APRICOT 2011.

Meeting Report

The APNIC 30 Meeting Report is now available.


IPv6: Owen Delong of Hurricane Electric will present this must-attend course.

DNSSEC: Richard Lamb, ICANN DNSSEC Program Manager will highlight security topics that matter to your business.

Network Security: Yusuf Bhaiji of Cisco Systems will present this important course.

Social Events

Opening Event: Expand your network at the Marriott Resort Lagoon.

Social Event: Meet suppliers and vendors at Dolphin Cove, Sea World.

Closing Event: Attract new talent at a traditional Australian Homestead.

Informal Dinner: Close the week with this informal gathering.


Venue: The venue hotel is the Marriott Surfers Paradise Resort and Spa.

Accommodation: Accommodation is also available at alternative hotels nearby.

Flights: Flights are available from several airlines.

Transfers: If you are flying into Brisbane you will need to transfer to the Gold Coast


Hostmaster Consultation: Speak to Hostmasters directly. Book Now!

Participate Online: Participate online with Webcasting, live transcripts, and 'chat'.

Remote Hubs: Participate from Bangkok or Hong Kong.

Services Lounge: Visit the APNIC Helpdesk staff in the Member Services Lounge.

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