APNIC 30 Meeting Report

Thank you to everyone who contributed to APNIC 30.

The preliminary event participation statistics are:

Meeting Statistics
Total number of on-site delegates: 183
Economies represented: 35
APNIC Member organizations represented 64
Remote venue participants
Bangkok, Thailand
Hong Kong SAR
Remote online participants
Online remote participants* 165
*Web-based online participation options included a choice of video, audio and text chat. These figures are based on unique IP addresses and exclude APNIC staff and onsite participants.

NRO NC Election

During the APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) on the Gold Coast, Australia on Friday, 27 August 2010, Naresh Ajwani was re-elected to the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) as a representative for the APNIC region. Election details are available here.

Policy SIG

An election for a new Policy SIG Chair was held. Congratulations to Gaurab Raj Upadhaya on his election. APNIC would like to thank outgoing Chair, Randy Bush for his contribution.

Four policy proposals were discussed.

No proposals reached consensus at APNIC 30. The four proposals presented were all returned to the Policy SIG mailing list for further discussion:

  • prop-084: Frequent whois information update request
  • prop-085: Eligibility for critical infrastructure assignments from the final /8
  • prop-086: Global policy for IPv4 allocations by the IANA post-exhaustion
  • prop-087: IPv6 address allocation for deployment purposes


An election for a new NIR SIG Co-Chair was held. Congratulations to Ji-Young Lee on her election. APNIC would like to thank outgoing Co-Chair, Dr. Ching-Heng Ku for his contribution.

BoF: Member Petition

A Birds of a Feather session at APNIC 30 resulted in a consensus decision to form two new Working Groups to discuss the following two proposals:

  • gac-prop: Proposal for Government Advisory Committee (GAC) for APNIC
  • voting-rights-prop: Proposal for equal voting rights for all Members in APNIC

Meeting Sponsors

APNIC offers its deepest thanks to the sponsors of APNIC 30, whose invaluable contributions allowed APNIC to offer a meeting program of a very high standard.


Upcoming APNIC meetings

HKCEC, Hong Kong
21 -25 February 2011
(with APRICOT 2011)

Busan, South Korea
August/September 2011

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