APNIC tutorial - Day 1

Maximising your IP address potential

27 February 2006


APNIC staff

This tutorial consists of four different modules. Each module is self-contained so you can pick and choose which modules you are interested in. The modules are described below.

Topic Abstract Presentation
Infrastructure development, education, policy and APNIC This module will explain what APNIC is, who makes up the APNIC community, and what services and activities APNIC provides. The module will also examine APNIC's role in Internet development as well as the role of training and the future of the Internet. pdf
Creating policies that work for you This module provides an overview of APNIC policy, explains policy changes made in the past, and how you can participate in the policy development in the future. The module also provides an explanation of how to apply for IP addresses by selecting the appropriate APNIC policy for you. Finally, the module explains how to propose a new policy if current policies do not meet the needs of the Internet community. pdf
Efficient address space management tools This module will provide you with an overview of the Internet resource management system, how to use the functions in MyAPNIC, and how to query and update the APNIC Whois Database. pdf
Managing your "old" address space If you have IP addresses that were allocated to you in the early days of the Internet, this module should be of interest. This module will define what historical addresses are, where they come from, and what recent changes may now have an impact on the way your historical address space is registered. pdf


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