Wednesday 1 March, 18:00 - 19:00

Co-chairs: Philip Smith (Cisco Systems Inc) and Hideo Ishii (Asia Global Crossing)

The Asia Pacific Operators Forum (APOPS) provides an opportunity for members of the Internet community with a shared interest to meet informally and exchange ideas.

APOPS was established as a mailing list for ISP operations engineers in 1996. With the growth of the Internet in the region, the first APOPS meeting was held as part of the APNIC annual Members Meeting in 2000.

Since then, APOPS meetings have been held during the annual APRICOT conference and the mid-year APNIC meeting.

In addition, at this APOPS meeting, the APNIC Secretariat is seeking feedback from network operators on the ICONS website, the Internet Community of Online Network Specialists.

ICONS was developed to allow the community to share information about networking topics affecting ISPs. The ICONS website is now six months old, has over 150 members, and boasts a range of features, including a discussion forum, articles, documents, presentations, and relevant links.

APNIC hopes to stimulate discussion on ways to make ICONS a more lively forum for the Asia Pacific Internet community.

ICONS is available at:


PGP key signing BoF

Thursday 2 March, 18:00 - 19:00

To participate in this key signing party:

  1. Go to the following page: http://www.biglumber.com/x/web?ev=88138
  2. and add your PGP public key to the ring in ascii-armored form.


    Consult your PGP software's documentation to find out how to generate an ASCII-armoured copy of your public key. With GnuPG you use:

    "gpg -a - --export <your-key-id>".You're looking for a block of ASCII text which begins with the line:


    Before you set off to the APNIC Keysigning party, remember two things:

  3. Bring photo ID
  4. Key signing is a process of representing trust, so you should be ready to provide proof of your identity to other people. Drivers licences, passports, things of that nature.

    Bring a trusted copy of your PGP key fingerprint.

    This could be achieved by bringing a laptop with a trusted copy of your public key on it, or alternatively you could generate the fingerprint of your public key, write it down and bring the bit of paper with you.

    The precise procedure we use at the key signing party will depend on how many keys are uploaded in the coming weeks; if there's a small handful we can read signatures aloud -- if there are more, we may try Len Sassaman's efficient key signing method:



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