APNIC 32 - Destination::IPv6


The next APTLD member meeting will be held in parallel with APNIC 32. For more details, please visit www.aptld.org.


The APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) is the forum for discussions about APNIC's operations and activities.


The APIPv6TF was established in Japan in 2003 to encourage IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region


APOPS is the Asia Pacific Operators forum. It showcases content of wide interest to the Internet operations community.


Closing dinner

Catch up with friends and build up your social network at a traditional Korean restaurant.


Learn about the various elements needed to develop a secure, trusted DNS system.

Global collaboration plenary

An overview of recent Internet governance discussions and activities

Global reports

The Global reports provide activities on policy proposals, services, operations and upcoming events in other regions.

Internet Resource Management

This training introduces, highlights, and explains the key essentials of Internet resource management.

Internet Routing Registry

This training, which caters for all levels of experience, looks at the importance of the IRR to Internet operations.

IPv6 training

This course provides an understanding and hands-on exposure to IPv6, its structure, operation, and technical features.

IPv6 Transition Plenary

IPv6 deployment is a very important issue in our community. What is your business plan after IPv4 address exhaustion?

Lightning talks

A Lightning Talk is a series of short presentations that lasts only a few minutes delivered by a variety of different speakers.

Newcomers orientation

If you are a new or recent attendee to APNIC meetings, come and learn how to get the most out of the APNIC meeting.


The NIR SIG promotes close cooperation both between the National Internet Registries and the APNIC Secretariat.

Opening plenary

The opening plenary features keynote speakers and presentations. Details of this session are currently under development by the APNIC 32 Conference Program Committee.

Opening reception

Catch up with friends and build up your social network at the Conference Opening Reception.

Policy SIG

The Policy SIG develops policies for the management and use of Internet address resources within the Asia Pacific region.

Social event

Catch up with friends and build up your social network at a series of fun events.

WGs (GAC & Voting)

Working Groups (WGs) are formed to discuss particular issues of interest to the APNIC Membership and stakeholder community.

Women in ICT dinner

ICTs have the potential to enable women to become equal stakeholders in the growing technology economy.

Newcomers orientation cocktail IRM Tutorial IPv6 Tutorial IRR Tutorial IPv6 Tutorial DNSSEC Tutorial IPv6 Tutorial DNSSEC Tutorial IPv6 Tutorial APOPS NIR SIG Global reports WGs Opening reception Social event Closing dinner Women in ICT dinner Lightning talks BoF APIPv6TF Opening plenary Inet Gov plenary IPv6 transition IPv6 transition IPv6 transition IPv6 transition APOPS Policy SIG Policy SIG Policy SIG Panel discussion AMM AMM AMM

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All times published for the APNIC 32 program are relative to UTC+9 (the timezone of South Korea). When viewing the program via your ical software, times will be adjusted to your computer's timezone.

For example, if your computer's time is set to UTC+8, an event that starts at 9am in South Korea will be shown as starting at 8am your time.

Busan Floorplan

Key Info


Paradise Hotel,
Busan, South Korea


28 August -
1 September 2011

Program included:

AMM, Policy SIG, IPv6 plenary, APOPS

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