APNIC 32 - Destination::IPv6


What: Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force
When: Monday, 29 August 18:00 - 19:30 View Agenda
Where: Miami Room
Chair: Miwa Fujii, in absence of Tony Hill

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Momentum of IPv6 deployment is picking up very rapidly globally.  It is a good time for us to stop and review our mission as the APIPv6TF.  Let's discuss the future directions of the APIPv6TF in this session so that we can all understand what needs will come forward in the future. 

We also received offers to share World IPv6 Day experience and efforts in supporting IPv6 transition from participants from India, Japan, Korea, and Philippines (remotely).  Let's learn from their learning.

The APIPv6TF was established in Japan in 2003 to encourage IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region and to serve as a platform for knowledge exchange. Several economies have shared the responsibilities of managing the Secretariat during the past seven years. APNIC is now serving as the Secretariat from January 2010 to March 2012.

We are currently experiencing a rapidly changing operational environment with the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. Cooperation among members in different economies is the key to managing these challenges. APIPv6TF will make an effort to bring community members together for mutual support across a diverse geographical area.

Country highlights reports: World IPv6 Day experience, supporting IPv6 uptake and transition 0 MB% 0 MB%
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Paradise Hotel,
Busan, South Korea


28 August -
1 September 2011

Program included:

AMM, Policy SIG, IPv6 plenary, APOPS

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