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Following the Chair and Co-Chair elections held during the APNIC 32 Policy SIG meeting, the following candidates were appointed.
Andy Linton, Victoria University of Wellington
Skeeve Stevens, eintellego
Masato Yamanishi, Softbank BB Corp.

On behalf of the APNIC community we would like to express our deep gratitude for the contribution of Terence Zhang during his term as Co-Chair.


Due to the resignation of Gaurab Raj Upadhaya following his election to the APNIC Executive Council, an election for APNIC Policy SIG Chair is to be held at APNIC 32. The term of Co-Chair, Terence Zhang is also ending at APNIC 32.

A Call for Policy SIG Election Nominations was posted to the Policy SIG mailing list. The nomination deadline was Monday, 22 August 2011. Elections are held during the first session of the Policy SIG meeting and are conducted in accordance with the SIG guidelines developed by the APNIC community.

Chair and Co-Chair responsibilities as well as the list of nominees is available below.

Policy SIG Chair Responsibilities

  • Chairing the SIG session
  • Developing the agenda
  • Posting proposals and information about the SIG to the mailing list
  • Encouraging and facilitating discussion on the mailing list and at the APNIC meeting

Policy SIG Co-Chair Responsibilities

  • Assisting with chairing the Policy SIG session
  • Working with the Chair and other Co-chair to develop the agenda
  • Posting proposals and information about the Policy SIG to the Policy SIG mailing list
  • Working with the Chair and other Co-Chair to encourage and facilitate discussion on the mailing list and at the APNIC meeting

For more information, please see the APNIC Policy SIG page.

Nominees for Chair

Andy Linton

I have nearly 30 years experience in Internet networking. My initial experience was as a researcher and programmer in the university sector at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Victoria University of Wellington and then with a number of Internet Service Providers such as AARNet, connect.com.au, Telecom NZ, Netlink, Telstra and CityLink.

I have been on the board of the Public Interest Registry which manages the .org domain, the council of InternetNZ and I am currently on the board of New Zealand's Domain Name Commission which manages the .nz name space. I am also a trustee of the NZ Network Operators' Group Trust. I am one of the 14 global Trusted Community Representatives who oversee the key ceremonies where the cryptographic digital keys used to secure the Internet DNS Root Zone are generated and securely stored.

I have travelled as a volunteer on a number of occasions to teach at the PacNOG Internet infrastructure computer workshops in Pacific countries such as Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, French Polynesia and American Samoa.

In February 2011 I was elected to one of the APNIC Policy SIG co-chair positions and am currently the Acting Chair of the Policy SIG. I'm seeking your support to continue this work.

Nominees for Co-Chair

Terence Zhang

I have 10+ years experience in service provider networking solution design and technical support, I started my career in IBM networking department, I worked at RCN Telecommunication Corporation as a network engineer and worked at Grandcycle Technology as a network consultant. I have participated in the network architecture design and operations of several service providers in both China and the United States. I have detailed knowledge of IP Address Planning, Internet routing architecture, Service Provider network design and operations.

After joining CNNIC, I have been working in IP resources allocation and policy research areas. I have actively participated in APNIC meetings & mailing list discussion since 2009, and I have served as Policy SIG Co-chair since APNIC 28th.

I would like to continue to make contribution in such a way as Policy SIG Co-chair for the coming two years.

Skeeve Stevens

I have been involved in the Internet industry for over 15 years, working with the first Internet providers in Australia from the early 90's. I have been involved in the establishment of dozens of ISPs and today my company manages the networks of, and consults to over 50 ISPs across the region.

This event (APNIC 32) is my 7th straight conference, and the 3rd anniversary of being involved with the APNIC community and the policy process. A friend invited me to attend Christchurch APNIC26 in 2008 and I became passionate about this community immediately, but I took the very wise advice of an industry veteran to take my time to get to know the community, become involved, be an active part of the community before trying to lead any aspect of it. Good advice James!

So I did... I watched, participated in discussion, asked questions, debated the merits of policy proposals and became a part of the policy creation process. My passion is Internet Governance, especially in the Asia Pacific region and developing economies.

Over the past several years, my company has brought on dozens of new APNIC members, getting them setup, training them in IP Addressing, conservation, ethical resource applications and much more.  We are passionate about APNIC and what it does and represents in our region and will support them always.

I am a speaker on many topics in a variety of forums all over the Asia Pacific region.  I have attended many conference such as AUSNOG, NZNOG, APNIC, APRICOT, INETs in our part of the world.

I am a Director of the Internet Society - Australian Chapter, and actively participate in activities to promote the mantra of ISOC - The Internet is for Everyone.

While there are people far more qualified for the position of Co-Chair of PolicySIG than I... with degrees, doctorates and many more years behind them, but what I lack in those areas I make up for with enthusiasm, passion and dedication - for the policy process and the community at large.

Masato Yamanishi

After receiving a master degree in computational chemistry from the Univ of Tokyo in 1997, I had joined startup data center and had been involved in designing, implementing, and operating infrastructure including IP address management.

In 2003, I moved to Softbank BB, which is my current affiliation, and has been involved in nation-wide IP backbone design, new service deployment including IPTV and P2P based streaming, IP peering, IP address management, international standardization, and policy discussion in japanese government commitees.

While my first participation for policy SIG was APNIC 27 2009, I'm actively contributing to policy discussion in AP and JP community in last 3 years, in particular address transfer discussion and prop-097 reached consensus in APNIC 31. Also, I'm attending ARIN and NANOG constantly from last year, I may become one of liaisons between these two communities.

I think the role of co-chair is to assisting consensus among all interested parties, and it is challenging task since we are still in the middle of the transition between IPv4 and IPv6 and policy development process is vital for sustainable growth of the Internet.

So, if you would support me, I'm very appreciated.

Key Info


Paradise Hotel,
Busan, South Korea


28 August -
1 September 2011

Program included:

AMM, Policy SIG, IPv6 plenary, APOPS

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