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NIR SIG elections

APNIC is seeking two volunteers to serve as Chair and Co-Chair of the NIR SIG.

The term of NIR SIG Chair, Izumi Okutani, and NIR SIG Co-Chair, Wei Zhao, will end in August 2011. An election will be held at the APNIC NIR SIG session at APNIC 32.

Check the NIR SIG mailing list to find out more.

NIR SIG Chair Responsibilities

  • Chairing the SIG session
  • Developing the agenda
  • Posting proposals and information about the SIG to the mailing list
  • Encouraging and facilitating discussion on the mailing list and at the APNIC meeting

NIR SIG Co-Chair Responsibilities

  • Assisting with chairing the SIG session
  • Working with the Chair and other Co-Chair to develop the agenda
  • Posting proposals and information about the SIG to the SIG mailing list
  • Working with the Chair and other Co-Chair to encourage and facilitate discussion on the mailing list and at the APNIC Conference

For more information, please see the APNIC NIR SIG page.

Nominees for Chair

Izumi Okutani

I have been participating in the APNIC forum since 2000 as a part of my role of Policy Liaison in JPNIC, as well as an interested individual in address management and Internet developments in the APNIC region.

I have also been involved in operations of JPNIC's own address management forum, JPNIC Open Policy Forum, which has given me experiences to be familiar with both an NIR and APNIC fora, and to coordinating discussions between the two fora. Based on these experiences, I have been serving as the Chair of NIR SIG from APNIC 19 in 2005.

I believe we are now at the stage where APNIC and NIRs needs more collaboration on how Internet Registries can play a role to contribute to the operations on the Internet after the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, for example, in areas such as assisting in maintaining the integrity of routing, and promoting IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region.

I would like to contribute in running the future NIR SIG as a forum for information exchanges and collaboration between APNIC and NIRs, keeping these specific issues in mind.


Nominees for Co-Chair

Jessica Shen

I joined China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in 2004. Currently, I'm the leader of IP group, in charge of IP address allocation, member service and business cooperation. Seven years' working with IP related affairs gives me actual experiences on network operation, IP address management, IP policy, and NIR operation.

With the depletion of IPv4, I have been involved in IPv6 transition activities of CNNIC recently two years, such as IPv6 allocation promotion in China, IPv4 & IPv6 policy suggestions for the government, IPv6 transition trainings for CNNIC IP address members, and IPv6 transition PR.

I have participated in APNIC meetings since 2007. I would like to participate more and do some contribution in the Asia Pacific Region in future.


Key Info


Paradise Hotel,
Busan, South Korea


28 August -
1 September 2011

Program included:

AMM, Policy SIG, IPv6 plenary, APOPS

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