APNIC 32 - Destination::IPv6

Panel discussion

Inter-networking during natural disasters

When: Thursday, 1 September 2011
Where: Grand ballroom
Time: 09:00 - 10:30 (UTC +9)
Moderator: Philip Smith, APNIC

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Inter-networks play a vital role in our daily lives and they have become a critical infrastructure. However, Inter-networks face a number of operational challenges during large-scale natural disasters.

Understanding operational challenges and their impact on social infrastructure as well as the reliance of our daily lives on the continuity of our economy can help us optimise existing networks and network operational practices. It will also help plan the improvement of future relief practices and deal with the challenges of reconstructing network connectivity and services in the devastated areas.

Panelists will share their experiences and insight about the earthquakes affecting Christchurch, New Zealand and the earthquake and Tsunami that hit East Japan. They will also cover some of the operational impact and lessons learned from these natural disasters.

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Paradise Hotel,
Busan, South Korea


28 August -
1 September 2011

Program included:

AMM, Policy SIG, IPv6 plenary, APOPS

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