Visa Information

PassportUnder Australia's universal visa system, all visitors to Australia must have a valid visa to travel to enter Australia. It is recommended that visitors apply for their visa at least 6-8 weeks before their intended date of arrival.

The only exceptions are visitors who hold New Zealand and Norfolk Island passports, who will normally be issued a visa on arrival in Australia unless there are character or health concerns. For more information regarding the Special Category Visa for New Zealand citizens, please refer to this fact sheet.

Electronic Visas

Some attendees will be eligible for eVisitor or Subclass 977 Business (short stay) visas, which are available online. These visas can take up to two weeks to process.

Visas for specific purposes

Attendees who are not eligible for electronic visas will need to apply for a Subclass 456 visa. Please refer to this document for relevant details for those wishing to visit Australia for business purposes. The Subclass 456 visa takes up to 8 weeks to process. When you apply for this visa, please send your full name and nationality (as shown on your passport) to so we may confirm your attendance with Immigration.

Business Visitor Visa Info as of July 09 (Subclass 456) (PDF 30KB)

We cannot guarantee your visa will be granted. Visa applicants must demonstrate they meet all the legislative requirements for an Australian visa.

For more information on business-related visits to Australia,
please see:

The Department of Immigration reserves the right to change regulations.

Health and Character Requirements

All visa applicants will be required to meet certain character and health requirements as part of their application process. These requirements uphold the safety and security of the Australian community.

The following documents provide further information on these requirements.
Form 1163i (PDF 62KB)

More Visa Information

Visitors to Australia should apply for a visa BEFORE booking flights and accommodation. APNIC cannot guarantee your visa application will be granted.

For more information on visas to Australia, please see

For visa application assistance, please email


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