Program / Agenda

Invaluable Content

APNIC recognizes the challenges of international travel for many organizations in developing countries. However, the value your organization receives by attending an APNIC Meeting far outweighs the cost of attendance. Consider some of the things you can expect to gain by attending APNIC 30 on the Gold Coast.

Value for you

  • The only Regional Internet Registry conference in Asia Pacific
  • Industry approved content
  • Internationally recognized speakers
  • Highly experienced trainers
  • Diversified experience
  • Immediately useful knowledge
  • New business relationships
  • Opportunity to explore new markets for your business growth
  • Exotic locations

Conference Program

Current Technologies

Speakers from other organizations will present their successes using current technologies, so you can implement them in your organization. Also, learn directly from other organizations about how to effectively implement new solutions and strategies that will benefit your organization by reducing IT costs and/or speed up your IT business practices.

Future Technologies

APNIC Meetings showcase a variety of cutting-edge technologies, giving attendees an early competitive advantage. Attendees will have an opportunity to get up-to-speed on technologies and tools so new to the industry that they are not yet being used commercially, or in some cases have not been fully evaluated.

Best Practices

Best Practice means operating in the most efficient, effective way to achieve goals, creating adaptable procedures you can rely on. You'll learn the best techniques and smartest ideas used in today's daily Internet network management practices at APNIC Meetings. By employing Best Practices, your business should experience enhanced communications, collaboration, and efficiency while lowering costs; minimization of technological errors, misconceptions and pitfalls; and leverage on the hard-won experience of industry experts. Many of the sessions are geared towards benchmarking Best Practices.


APNIC Training, along with international guest trainers, will be providing workshop streams catering to all levels of experience.  Potential training topics include:

  • Practical IPv6: Get hands-on experience with a workshop that guides you through the process of implementing IPv6 for you and your clients
  • Network security: Advanced tutorials on network and device security
  • Internet Resource Management (IRM): An informative tutorial covering Internet resource management basics

Overall, APNIC Meetings offer 20+ hours of practical and theoretical workshops and tutorials. As a specialist event, you will benefit from small class sizes and the opportunity to ask questions specific to your needs.

Policy Discussion

Policy discussions focus on how our community should manage Internet resources as we move toward IPv4 depletion.  There will be discussion on DNSSEC deployment and further discussion of IPv6 adoption and what it means to you.

Professional Networking

APNIC Meetings have a major focus on providing the opportunity for attendees to network and find business partners. APNIC Meetings are also a great place for team building if more than one staff member is attending from the same organization.

Other networking benefits include:

  • Discussion with other representatives from across the region
  • Meeting potential customers and attracting new talent
  • Learning about networking issues in other regions
  • Expanding your professional contact database

Social Events

APNIC Social Events allow you to experience the local culture, customs, and hospitality of the host country.  Social Events allow attendees to maximize the contacts they made during the course of the Meeting while enjoying the local cuisine. Attending an APNIC Social Event is the most productive and enjoyable way to enter and explore new markets for your business growth.

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