NIR SIG Co-chair election

The two-year term of one of the two Co-chairs, Dr. Ching-Heng Ku, ends in August 2010. Therefore, APNIC is seeking a volunteer to serve as Co-chair of the NIR SIG.

For more details see Call for volunteers to be NIR SIG Co-chair posted to the NIR SIG mailing list.


Ji-Young Lee

Ji-Young Lee is from KRNIC. She has 6 years' experience as a KRNIC system engineer, and she has participated in APNIC since 2007. She's now working for IPv6 IX (6NGIX) as a system engineer and in IP policy. She is highly skilled and takes pride in her work.

Session info

The APNIC 30 NIR SIG takes place on Tuesday, 24 August. Find out more...

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