Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC) election

What is the NRO NC & why be elected?

The NRO NC consists of 15 members, three from each of the five Regional Internet Registry (RIR) regions.

Three individuals are appointed to the NRO NC from each of the RIR regions, including two members selected by the respective regional policy forum, and one member appointed by the Board of the RIR.

HJ Kwon's position as one of the delegates from the APNIC region will become available on 31 December 2008.

One individual from the Asia Pacific region will be selected to serve on the NRO NC for two years - from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2010.

As a member of the NRO NC, you will:

  • Oversee recommendations on global IP address policy that result from the various RIRs' policy development processes
  • Have direct influence on the implementation of these policies
  • Participate in the management of policy development activities
  • Appoint people to the ICANN Board of Directors

How do I nominate?

Any individual may be nominated, with the exception of staff members of any RIR. Self-nominations are permitted.

Nominations are now closed as of 25 July 2008 5:30pm UTC+10

Current nominees

The following individuals have been nominated for the position (listed here in alphabetical order).

How do I vote?


Vote online

Online voting is only available to APNIC members.

APNIC member organisations can cast one vote each using MyAPNIC.


  • Only contacts with voting rights may vote online
  • By default, all existing corporate contacts have voting rights
  • You need access to MyAPNIC to cast your votes online
  • Proxy votes are not permitted for the NC election

Vote onsite

Onsite voting is available to all registered APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) attendees.

All registered AMM attendees (except RIR staff) can collect the ballot papers at the AMM registration desk from 08:30 UTC+12 Christchurch time, 29 August 2008.


  • People voting onsite for the NRO NC must either be attendees of APNIC 26, or have been registered attendees of at least one previous APNIC meeting since APNIC 10. APNIC staff will verify entitlement using official registration records for these meetings.