in conjunction with APRICOT 2013

Thank you to everyone who contributed to APNIC 35. The preliminary event participation statistics are:

Conference Statistics
Total number of on-site delegates: 704
Economies represented: 51
APNIC Member organizations represented 135
APNIC Member Meeting delegates 170
Remote participants* 118
*Web-based online participation options included a choice of video, audio, and text chat. These figures are based on unique IP addresses and exclude APNIC staff and on-site participants.

APNIC EC Election

During the APNIC Member Meeting on Friday, 1 March 2013, the following candidates were elected to the APNIC Executive Council (EC):

Election details are available here.

Policy SIG

Two policy proposals were discussed.

The following proposal was abandoned:
prop-106: Restricting excessive IPv4 address transfers under the final /8 block

The following proposal did not reach consensus and was returned to the mailing list:
prop-105: Distribution of returned IPv4 address blocks

Five informational presentations were discussed:

  • Creation of Route Objects in APNIC Whois
    - Secretariat presentation regarding route object creation
  • Policy Options for Encouraging Membership of an NIR
    - Paper on ways to build NIR membership
  • The Role of the APNIC Secretariat in the PDP
    - Would the community support Secretariat input to the Policy process
  • Questions for Clarification in the APNIC PDP
    - Issues in the existing PDP and SIG Guidelines
  • PDP Discussion
    - Proposed changes / edits to the Policy Development Process

Conference Sponsors

APNIC offers its deepest thanks to the sponsors of APNIC 35, whose invaluable contributions allowed APNIC to offer a conference program of a very high standard.

Upcoming APNIC Conferences

Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China
20 - 30 August 2013

Bangkok, Thailand
18 - 28 February 2014 (in conjunction with APRICOT 2014)