in conjunction with APRICOT 2013

Wei Zhao

Nominee details

Title: Ms
Name: Wei Zhao
Position: Deputy Director of Operation Management Department
Organization: CNNIC
Biographical info: Wei Zhao joined AP Community in 2007 contemporarily joined China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

Currently, she is deputy director of Operation Management Department, responsible for IP services, related external cooperation and innovation. In her efforts, the member service level has been greatly improved and the scale of members is gradually growing. Under her call, a working group (CniPv6TF) has been set up, which is a good platform for the local engineers to share their experiences and thoughts of IPv6 deployment. By utilizing the operator and government channels, with NIR member meeting, she constantly promotes IPv6 deployment within national network. She also endeavors in providing IPv6 technical training to local engineers which not limited to members. In addition, she had carried several national IPv6 research and operational projects, such as IPv6 network address research of China Next Generation Internet, administration of Internet address and International Domain name project. She was author or co-author of several research and advisory reports to relevant governmental department.

At APNIC community, she has been involved in policy developing and other community events since she joined CNNIC. She was served as NIR SIG co-chair in 2009 to 2010, and elected as APNIC Executive Council in 2011. In her term of APNIC position, She has been actively devoted herself on promoting APNIC image and was the key person to co-host the first APNIC meeting in China in 2009. Furthermore she helped to bring the meeting back to China again this year. As well with the experience of IP address management and policy development in local community, and good understanding of SP requirements, she was able to contribute herself to how APNIC could provide better services to its members after IPv4 era, also achieve the function of APNIC and future mission of APNIC. Within her term as APNIC EC, besides helping governing the operation of APNIC, she has set up strategic cooperation with APNIC including IPv6 promotion, training and promoting Infrastructure Development and business in the Region. Besides APNIC, she had contributed herself in ICANN, ISO and APTLD community.

Motivation for nomination: Wei Zhao is very knowledgeable in both local and international internet industry. She has good understanding of various issues of IP address allocation management, NIR (National Internet Registry) operation in Asia Pacific Region, IPv4 network transition to IPv6 network and Internet governance. She also has proven track records of experienced at policy development, internet governance of IP addressing issues, IP management research and national IPv6 project.

Through her successful two-year term of APNIC Executive Council, I see great passion on what she was working on and good achievement of the position. I am sure that she will continue to make positive commitment as EC member while AP-region faces the challenge of IPv4 exhaustion stage and IPv6 promotion services become primary objective. And I hope with her persistent efforts she could bring great deal to both local and AP communities.

Nominated by: China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)