in conjunction with APRICOT 2013

Internet Technologies (2)

When: Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Time: 14:00 - 15:30 (UTC +8)
Where: Tanglin
Chair: Osama Al-Dosary (Solyton)

Video / Transcripts

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Topology aware blackbox monitoring

Arya Reais-Parsi, Leo Huang, Google

How to localize packet loss events in a large and complex network. We created a system to localize a node or link causing end to end packet loss in a deterministic way.

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TV Whitespace Technology for Rural Telecommunications

Jonathan Brewer, Telco2

Television Whitespace Technology (TVWS) is a disruptive wireless broadband innovation which challenges a basic tenet of radio licensing: that radio spectrum should be sold or leased for exclusive use. In the eyes of TVWS developers, spectrum isn’t a scarce resource to be locked up and traded by wealthy corporations, it’s an abundant resource that should be fully used wherever possible.

TVWS is an inexpensive, light weight technology - priced closer to wireless broadband equipment than it is to the cellular equipment typically used to cover rural and remote communities. Through its use of television spectrum TVWS can allow broadband coverage far more effectively than technologies like Wi-Fi while emitting just four watts of power - orders of magnitude less than a typical cellular tower.

To evaluate the potential utility of TVWS in New Zealand, three communities beyond the reach of government supported rural initiatives are evaluated. A discussion is made of the cost and complexity of servicing rural and remote communities, and the existing telecommunications technologies used to service the communities are reviewed. Radio coverage models are constructed simulating common, off the shelf Wi-Fi technology and new TVWS equipment. The models are then compared for coverage potential of each technology. A review is made of how TVWS might benefit the communities, and conclusions are drawn about how the technology could be useful in bridging the digital divide.

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Ultra-Fast Broadband Realities

Donald Love, ResolveWare Ltd

This presentation provides an overview of the NZ Government mandated nationwide fibre based rollout of high speed broadband in New Zealand and explores some technical issues observed with the services. Some residential users have complained about poor download speeds, especially from international sites, and the reasons and the remedial action required is covered. For business users issues around Ethernet transparency and uplink loss were observed. The services have been released to the market and issues have been recently found.

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