IPv6 Transition Conference

Final Count Down to IPv4 Exhaustion in 2011

Jointly organized by APAN, APIPv6TF and IPv6World.Asia

When: 9:00 - 17:30, Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Where: S221

Moderator: Dr. Kenny Huang, TWNIC


The transcript for this session is now available online.

Video / Audio

The video / audio of this conference is now available online:


IPv4 address exhaustion is picking up rapidly. Simultaneously, IPv6 deployment is also accelerating but we need to increase this momentum, as the IPv4 address free pool will most likely exhaust at Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) by the end of 2011. APNIC has been allocated eight (8) /8 from Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in 2010 which is the largest number of allocations among RIRs. At the brink of IPv4 address exhaustion, the APNIC region is showing the strongest Internet growth.

No challenge comes without opportunities. The APNIC region can orchestrate efforts to make a smooth transition to IPv6 and showcase rapid IPv6 deployment. APRICOT-APAN 2011 will be the last major opportunity to have an large scale IPv6 conference prior to the IPv4 address exhaustion. APAN, APIPv6TF and IPv6World.Asia have worked together to develop a full day conference focused on IPv6 on 22/02/2011 as part of the APRICOT-APAN 2011 conference track program.

This conference will provide our audience with an opportunity to prioritize while we transition to IPv6. We are still waiting for final confirmation from several speakers but all organizational names of all confirmed speakers are listed. So please stay tuned for more information to be updated in this page!


Download the speaker biographies (PDF, 14.4 MB) for this session.

09:00 Welcome address
Che-Hoo Cheng, Program Committee
09:05 Keynote speech: Internet of My Mind
Vint Cerf, Google
09:30 Keynote speech: New Generation of Internet Protocol IPv6 - Are you Ready?
Chris Fung, CPCnet
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10:00 Panel discussion 1 - IPv6 deployment experience part 1
Softbank Group's IPv6 Deployment Experience
Satoru Matsushima, Softbank
Slides 1.9 MB
IPv6 Experience at Internode
Mark Newton, Internode
Slides 2.7 MB
10:40 Morning tea
11:00 Panel discussion 1 - IPv6 deployment experience part 2
Akamai's v6 Rollout Plan and Experience from a CDN Point of View
Christian Kaufmann, Akamai
Slides 2.3 MB
IPv6 Initiatives at Facebook
Donn Lee, Facebook
Slides 636.2 KB
The Path to IPv6
Lorenzo Colitti, Google
Slides 1015.7 KB
IPv6 Transition for Mobile Operators
Kasu Venkat Reddy, Cisco Systems
Slides 2.1 MB
CERNET2 IPv6 Experience
Slides 2.9 MB
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Panel discussion 2 - Supporting IPv6 deployment - multi-stakeholder approach
Connecting Hong Kong Government to Next-Generation Internet
Slides 4.1 MB
Capacity Building for IPv6 by IPv6 Promotion Council Japan
Ayumu Yasuda, NTT East
Slides 2.7 MB
IPv6 Technology Deployment in the Multistakeholder Internet
Leslie Dagle, ISOC
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15:30 Afternoon tea
16:00 Panel discussion 3 - Proposal for IPv6 Economics and Operation
An Economic Perspective on IPv6 Transition
Geoff Huston, APNIC
Slides 1.6 MB
Experiences Through Collaborative Activity to Overcome IPv4 Address Exhaustion
Hiroshi Esaki, Tokyo University
Slides 7.1 MB
IPv6 Network Construction and Operation in CNGI-CERNET2 member universities
Ma Yan, Beijing Uni. of Post and Telecom
Slides 6.1 MB
Policy Development Framework for Government IPv6 Deployment
Kenny Huang, TWNIC
Slides 964.5 KB
17:40 MoU
Hiroshi Esaki and Edwin Purwandesi, Japan IPv6 Promotional Council and Indonesia IPv6 Forum
17:50 Closing Remarks
Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum

Panel discussion 1

Theme: Sharing IPv6 deployment experiences

We will have a chance to hear information from the "front line" of IPv6 deployment. ISPs and Content Distribution Network (CDN) will share their IPv6 implementation plan including IPv6 business plan, progress of the implementation and lessons learnt. Desirable network architecture will determine IPv4 to IPv6 transition techniques and vice versa.

Panel discussion 2

Theme: Supporting IPv6 deployment through a multi-stakeholder approach

Speakers from a government, academy and civil society will be invited to present efforts in supporting IPv6 transition, partnership between the public and private sectors, and R&D on IPv6 transition techniques.

Panel discussion 3

Theme: Revisit strategic thinking of IPv6 production networks from economic perspective and operation perspective

Are decision makers ready to support IPv6 transition in their operational fields? What issues need to be considered? What will be the driving force to enable IPv6 on your production networks? Has an IPv6 implementation business plan been considered? Are you aware of the relationships among IPv6 business plan, network architecture and required transition techniques? This panel discussion session focuses on both economic implication of IPv6 and experiences of IPv6 implementation.

Who should attend?

This full day IPv6 Conference is designed to cater to Internet multi-stakeholders including:

  • Government policy makers and regulators
  • Decision makers of businesses related to the Internet
  • Technical people of ISPs, Content Providers and CDN
  • System integrators
  • Civil Society
  • Etc.