in conjunction with APRICOT 2013

Lengchheang Hong

Nominee details

Title: Mr
Name: Lengchheang Hong
Position: Senior Engineer
Organization: NTT Communications
Biographical info: Lengchheang Hong began his career at AsiaForm where he was a network administrator. He then moved on to become a Senior Customer Solutions Support Officer for ONLINE before moving up and becoming the Key Account Manager. He became the Technical Support Manager for SINET-MOOV in March 2010 and was responsible for NOC ISP and its branches' operations. He has a proven track record working with management and head departments to assess and institute company wide technical support policies and procedures. Lengchheang graduated from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

Motivation for nomination: I am committed to and responsible for customer support and work as Presale which is related sales activity. I also act as market and business intelligence by performing detailed analysis of operation and customer requirement, vendor evaluation, and support projects. I have strong technical skill.

Nominated by: NTT Communications