Tutorial: LSM

When:Wednesday, 23 February 2011 at 11:00 (UTC+8)
Where:HKCEC S226+S227
Presenter:Shankar Vemulapalli [bio] & Yogi Raghunathan [bio]

Download the slide pack (2.7 MB) for this tutorial.


With increase adoption of IP as transport, Service Providers are converging their Voice, data and Video on a single infrastructure. This session will focus on transporting multicast over MPLS unified plane. As part of this session, we would focus on LSM Technology Overview and Applications.

The first part of session will focus on introduction to LSM technology overview, extensions to both mLDP & p2mp-TE to carry multicast traffic across the MPLS core & mechanism to build multicast tree for both P2MP and MP2MP LSP. The latter part of the session will focus on Applications for LSM. In this, we will cover deployment models and protocol selection. By the end of session, we expect audience to understand the technology and make a right choice for the networks.

About the Presenters

Yogesh (Yogi) Raghunathan

Yogeshwaran (Yogi) Raghunathan, CCIE #6583 has 15 plus years of experience working in the networking Industry. He has been with Cisco Systems from Year 2000. His current role is working as AS Solutions Architect supporting wireline emerging service providers in areas of Plan, Design, Implementation and support services for MPLS based networks. His recent work has been in areas of supporting customer migrate from native multicast to LSM.

Shankar Vemulapalli

Shankar, CCIE # 2025, is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems. As a lead architect, Shankar has worked on some of the largest MPLS deployments both in the Service Provider and Enterprise accounts. His expertise includes: Routing Protocols (OSPF, IS-IS & BGP), MPLS-VPNs, MPLS-TE. He is a frequent contributor both internal to Cisco and Customer facing and external forums like APRICOT, NANOG . Also, he has contributed to several IETF RFCs on IS-IS and has written several white papers that are posted to Cisco.com website.