Practical introduction to IPv6

4 September 2006


This tutorial will offer a practical introduction to the basics of IPv6. Participants will learn how to activate IPv6 on PCs.

Intended audience

The tutorial is targeted at engineers and network administrators from both ISPs and SOHO/enterprise networks. Participants should already have a basic knowledge of IPv4.

Morning: Sessions 1 & 2 (180min) & Afternoon: Session 3 (90min)

Speaker: Jordi Palet Martinez, Consulintel

Presentation Session 1 & 2 [pdf], Session 3 [pdf]

  • IPv6 policies and procedures
  • Installing IPv6 on different platforms (XP/W2003, Linux, BSD)
  • Basic stateless/stateful configuration, including privacy setup
  • Transition mechanisms
  • Examples of applications
  • Basic configuration of routers

During the tutorial, attendees will also learn how to accomplish some basic monitoring and troubleshooting of the IPv6 network.

It is highly recommended that participants bring their own notebooks to practice the lessons learned during the tutorial. Notebooks should have a WLAN interface. It is assumed that most participants will be using Windows XP (this tutorial will be conducted in an XP environment). However, instructions for other operating systems will be provided in the tutorial materials.

Afternoon: Session 4 (90min)

Speaker: Amante Alvaran

Presentation [ppt | pdf]

The first part of this session will discuss resource policies and procedures relating to IPv6 address requests, allocation, management and utilisation.

In the second part of the session, participants will be able to follow a live demonstration of an IPv6 router configuration and the configuration and operation of an IPv6 network.