Plenary panel

IPv4 exhaustion: what's the real story?

To date, much has been said about the exhaustion of IPv4. The research community predicts that the IANA and RIR free pool of IPv4 addresses will run out some time between 2009-2012. This panel discussion, "IPv4 exhaustion: what's the real story?" looks at research done on the issues and examines the responses needed to cope with the exhaustion of the free pool.

The panel was facilitated by Paul Wilson, APNIC Director General.

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Speaker Organisation Abstract & presentation
Tomoya Yoshida JPNIC Expert Research Team IPv4 address exhaustion and its issues

Toyama Yoshida will provide an overview of a report by JPNIC Expert Team, Analysis and Recommendations on the Exhaustion of IPv4 Address Space. The report projects possible phenomena at different phases of the exhaustion and offers recommendations on measures to be taken by various stakeholders in the community, such as carriers, service providers, corporate networks and general Internet users.

Presentation [pdf]

Akinori Maemura JPNIC Possible measures to be taken for the IPv4 exhaustion

Akinori Maemura will clarify possible policy issues arising in the period before IPv4 exhaustion. He will discuss how to ensure consistent address distribution throughout all RIR regions and will raise some examples of policy measures.

Presentation [ppt | pdf]

Geoff Huston APNIC The oracle bones of IPv4

As IPv4 address allocations continue, the concerns over the exhaustion of the unallocated IPv4 address pool increase. What are the likely scenarios associated with IPv4 address exahustion? Is IPv4 address trading a possibility? Will we see a seamless IPv6 transition? What are the implications for industry players? For regulators? For consumers and end users? Geoff Huston will explore some of these future options and implications as we consult the oracle bones of IPv4.

Presentation [ppt | pdf]