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7 - 14 September 2023


Visit this webpage to check if you require a visa.

  • Most passport holders in the Asia Pacific region require a visa for a short-term stay in Japan, except Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Europe and North America passport holders don’t require a visa.
  • Should you require a letter of guarantee from the local host to support your visa application process, please send an email to
  • The conference local host, JPNIC, will provide the letter of guarantee providing that:
    • You can supply proof of a confirmed travel itinerary (airfare booked, accommodation payment)
    • Confirmation of your paid registration
    • Your online application form
  • Please note that the validity of the single-entry visa is 3 months from the issue date.