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7 - 14 September 2023

Health and Safety

COVID-19 continues to circulate in the Asia Pacific region, and it is likely there will be cases reported during APNIC 56. While there are no longer mask mandates and restrictions on movement in Japan, delegates are reminded to take personal precautions as necessary.

Please DO NOT enter the venue if you are unwell with COVID-19, showing flu-like symptoms, or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

If you are feeling unwell at APNIC 56, please do the following:

  • Leave the session and return to your hotel room
  • Test to see if you have COVID-19 using a Rapid Antigen Test

We encourage you to please rest and not return to the conference while you continue to feel unwell. We also recommend testing again on the following days until you are no longer testing positive.

If you continue to feel unwell, please seek medical assistance.

If you test positive for COVID-19, we would appreciate it if you could advise APNIC on

Trusted Contacts

We want APNIC 56 to be an inclusive, safe, and welcoming space for all attendees. If you experience or witness any inappropriate behaviour, including bullying, harassment, or discrimination, please report it to one of the Trusted Contacts wearing a white vest or a white badge. If you cannot find a Trusted Contact, please speak to an APNIC staff member who can assist.

All discussions with Trusted Contacts are confidential.

Please note that all participants are subject to the code of conduct.

More information is available on the Trusted Contacts page.