Thank you to the attendees, sponsors, and everyone else who contributed to APNIC 40. The event participation statistics are:

Conference Statistics
Total number of on-site delegates:529*
Economies represented:51
APNIC Member organizations represented:162
AMM delegates:252
Remote Participants:
Adobe Connect:87**
YouTube:1,567 views; 18,308 minutes viewed
#apnic40 Posts:
Total people reached:
716 (Twitter) by 157 unique users
Meeting network site and mobile app:254 delegates signed in

* Excludes APNIC staff.
**Web-based online participation options included a choice of video, audio, and text chat. These figures are based on unique IP addresses and exclude APNIC staff and on-site participants, as reported by Adobe Connect statistics.


One position on the NRO NC was up for election. The nominations (in the order they were received) were:

  • Raja Muhammad Azeem
  • Md Nadir Bin Ali
  • Dhruba Adhikary
  • Kong Diep
  • Tomohiro Fuijisaki
  • Sandeep Goel
  • Elias Mandawali
  • Sardjono Insani

Congratulations to Tomohiro Fuijisaki on his reelection to the NRO NC. He will serve on the NRO NC/ASO AC for two years from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017.

Congratulations also to Aftab Siddiqui on his reappointment for a further one-year term on the NRO NC/ASO AC from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.  

Cooperation SIG

The Cooperation SIG is a forum for discussion about broader Internet issues like public policy and Internet governance with a focus on information sharing, outreach, capacity building, and other activities that will advance APNIC’s vision for a global, open, stable, and secure Internet.

Presentations at the SIG included:



The NIR SIG Chair and Co-Chair elections were also held at APNIC 40. Congratulations to Toshio Tachibana on his reelection as Chair of the NIR SIG and to Ajay Kumar on his reelection as Co-Chair. Congratulations also to Zhen Yu on his election for the first time as Co-Chair of the NIR SIG.

Many thanks go to Jessica Shen for her many years of service to the NIR SIG.

Policy SIG

The following proposals reached consensus at the APNIC 40 Policy SIG and again at the AMM. It will be sent to the APNIC Policy SIG mailing list for a four-week comment period.

  • prop-114: Modification in the ASN eligibility criteria
  • prop-113: Modification in the IPv4 eligibility criteria

The following proposal did not reach consensus and will be sent back to the mailing list for further discussion.

  • prop-115: Registration of detailed assignment information in the Whois DB

    Translated summaries of the policy proposals

    As part of the 2014 APNIC Survey initiatives, the policy proposals and outcomes discussed at APNIC 40 have been translated into the following languages.

    Proposals discussedProposal outcomes
    Chinese (Simplified)Chinese (Simplified)
    Chinese (Traditional)Chinese (Traditional)
    Viet NameseViet Namese

    Summaries and translations of policy proposals will be made available for future APNIC Conferences.

    Policy SIG Co-Chair Election

    The APNIC Policy SIG Co-Chair election was also held at APNIC 40. Congratulations to Sumon Ahmed Sabir who was selected as the SIG Co-Chair for a term of two years.

    Policy SIG Meeting informational presentations

    Community consultations

    Conference Sponsors

    APNIC offers its deepest thanks to the sponsors of APNIC 40, whose invaluable contributions allowed APNIC to offer a conference program of a very high standard.

    Upcoming Conferences

    APRICOT 2016 (APNIC 41)
    Auckland, New Zealand
    15-26 February 2016

    APNIC 42
    Colombo, Sri Lanka
    28 September - 5 October (updated July 2016)