Policy SIG Co-Chair Nominee: Masato Yamanishi

Nominee Statement:

After receiving a master degree in computational chemistry from the Univ of Tokyo in 1997, I had joined startup data center and had been involved in designing, implementing, and operating infrastructure including IP address management. In 2003, I moved to Softbank BB, which is my current affiliation, and has been involved in nation-wide IP backbone design, new service deployment including IPTV and P2P based streaming, IP peering, IP address management, international standardization, and policy discussion in Japan and APNIC region.

In my opinion, the role of co-chair is to assist consensus among all interested parties, and it is challenging task since we are still in the middle of the transition between IPv4 and IPv6 and policy development process is vital for sustainable growth of the Internet. I was elected to Policy-SIG co-chair on Aug 2011, and has been engaged in it for past 12 months. I have made all possible efforts to facilitate fruitful discussion and I believe I could suceed in it. However, 1 year is a little bit too short to accomplish enouth results, so I'm very appreciated if you would allow me to work as co-chair for another 2 years.