Naresh Ajwani

Nominee details

Title: Mr
Name: Naresh Ajwani
Job Title: President
Organization: CCAOI
Economy of residence: India
Biographical info: Naresh Ajwani, Chief - Regulatory & Corporate Affairs with Viom Networks Limited (formerly known as TATA-Quippo), is also the President of the CCAOI - a body representing the Internet ecosystem of India. He also serves as Chairman Subcommittee – Broadband in FICCI and Infrastructure Committee in CII. He is a founding member of International Internet Industry Alliance (IIIA), the global body for promotion of Internet.

Besides being a student of Public Policy and Regulations pertaining to Telecom, IT & ITES, Internet Governance, e-Commerce, eSecurity and Internet & Broadband, he has also served the community through NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) as a Director on voluntary basis. With the help of NIXI, it is due to his efforts that thousands of people have been exposed to Internet through ILP (Internet Learning Programme) free of cost and later, he worked further on vernacular ILPs for connecting masses to Internet through 180,000 cybercafés in India. TRAI and international bodies have duly acknowledged the program in their references.

As a member of NRO (Number Resource Organization), the global body responsible for the policies of IP addresses, it has been his constant endeavour to ensure transparent policies & a level playing field for all the stakeholders. Realizing the limitations and challenges for new but well-informed entrants, Naresh has worked over the processes for “Address Council’s role” to appoint Directors for ICANN, ratifying global policies for addresses& election reforms for APNIC. He has bee very regular in contributing as much as possible on policies, has rarely missed any meetings, conference calls and has contributed in the interest of the APNIC Community.

A thought provoking communicator and strong believer of Internet penetration, Naresh advocates mass penetration for Internet through shared PC approach (common services centres, cyber cafes, kiosks etc.) in emerging economies and has submitted a detailed proposal in ICANN to reach the bottom of the pyramid of the Internet ecosystem. He firmly believes that unless all stake holders will be involved, the desired Eco-system would not be evolved. It is this outreach approach on part of various stakeholders which will empower the common masses worldwide, resulting in the common man emerging as a WINNER. He has facilitated regular & strategic contact with political leaderships and advocacy on related issues.

Nominated by:

Title: Prof Dr
Name: Sureswaran Ramadass
Job Title: Director
Organization: National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6)
Motivation for nomination: A thought provoking communicator and strong believer of Internet penetration to the bottom billion, Naresh advocates mass penetration of the Internet. His outreach approach to various stakeholders on Internet access that will empower the common masses worldwide.