Tutorial: Center Network Options for Server Virtualization

When:Wednesday, 23 February 2011 at 14:00 (UTC+8)
Where:HKCEC S226+S227
Presenter:Russell Cooper [bio]

Download the slides (895.2 KB) for this session.


This tutorial will talk about challenges Server Virtualization technologies brings for the data center networks. Then it will discuss standards based approach to improve the experience in a virtualized environment. It will discuss the benefits of of flatter data center networks for low-latency, the emerging VEPA standard for inter virtual machine switching and the benefits of kernal based firewalls for better visibility and policy based security in the virtual environment.

About the Presenter

Russell is a Senior DC Architect for Juniper Networks. With over two decades in the information and communications technology industry, focusing on the networking and telecommunications sector, Russell has consistently demonstrated a desire to find and meet challenges of real world requirements with implementable solutions.

Russell specialises in building Data Centre networks to support large scale online and enterprise systems. These cloud networks are designed to be robust, secure and high performing.

Russell has extensive experience in multivendor routed and switched networks deploying a range of end to end technologies including MPLS VPN, load balancing and advanced network services.

Russell also understands how these technologies works and interacts with business applications, with exposure to High Availability storage, Web caching, SSL offload and other hosted applications in critical environments including Service Providers, Enterprise and Emergency Health Care.

Russell is a Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist in both Enterprise Routing and Switching and Junos Security.