Tutorial: IPv6 Routing

When:Tuesday, 22 February 2011 at 14:00 (UTC+8)
Where:HKCEC S224+S225
Presenter:Philip Smith (Cisco) [bio]

Download the slides (1.9 MB) for this session.

This tutorial continues assisting service providers along the path of deploying IPv6 on their existing IPv4 infrastructure. It covers IPv6 address plan advice and design, and then introduces how to configure IPv6 routing protocols, showing examples of IPv6 routing configurations for Cisco IOS & IOS-XR and JunOS.

About the presenter

Philip SmithPhilip Smith has been with Cisco Systems since 1998. He is part of the Internet Infrastructure Group in CTO Consulting Engineering.

His role includes working with the ISPs and Service Provider operations groups around the world, specifically in network design, configuration, scaling and training.

Prior to joining Cisco, he spent five years at PIPEX (now part of UUNET's global ISP business), the UK's first commercial Internet Service Provider. He was one of the first engineers working in the commercial Internet in the UK, and played a key role in building the modern Internet in Europe.