BoF: Assistive Communication Technology (ACT)

When: Monday, 21 February 2011 at 17:30 (UTC+8)
Where: HKCEC S226

Our BOF, the "ACT-WG" (Assistive Communication Technology Working Group) was established on 12th APNG camp at Hiroshima, Japan. And 2nd ACT-WG will be held on this event at Hong Kong. "ACT" is a new technology for supporting the handicapped person. It is a technology integrating ICT and assistive technology. It supports not only the handicapped person and the senior citizen but also the improvements of all people's QoL (Quality of Life). It is assumed that there should be growing needs for the ACT field along with the background of the growing awareness such as the human rights of persons with disabilities, and the progress in aging all over the world. For these reasons, we started to discuss and share the efforts of ACT in the world. This is the open BOF. Please feel free to come and participate in this "ACT-WG".