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Multicast Workshop

In this workshop attendees will form small network teams to design and build a set of inter-connected multicast networks. This course is designed for those deploying multicast networks on educational campuses.


Srinivas Irigi (Cisco)  [bio]
Stephen Kurzeja (CallPlus NZ) [bio]


Slide pack (zip, 26.4 MB)

Who should attend:

Network Engineer/Administrator from educational networks in the region who will be pushing forward the deployment of multicast at their home institutions.


Attendees with laptops are preferred


Participants should be familiar with router configuration especially OSPF and BGP.

What you will learn:

Over the course of this workshop students will design and set up a set of inter-connected multicast networks. The workshop will consist of a set of hands on exercises for small network teams. Each team will have a mix of routers and over the course of the workshop teams will configure their own network, inter-connect with the other teams, and then attach to the Internet.

It is our expectation that, after having experienced one workshop as a student, an attendee will be able to engineer multicast networks within his/her campus, to explain multicast engineering concepts to peers, and, in some cases, to help teach or facilitate future multicast workshops.

Technologies Covered:

  • Router Configuration
  • Multicast addressing
  • Protocol Soup
  • IGMP (Internet Group Membership Protocol) used by hosts and routers to tell each other about group membership
  • PIM-SM (Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode) used to propagate forwarding state between routers.
  • SSM (Source Specific Multicast) utilizes a subset of PIM's functionality to guaranty source-only trees in the 232/8 range.
  • MSDP (Multicast Source Discovery Protocol) used to exchange ASM active source information between RPs.
  • MBGP (Multiprotocol BGP) used to exchange routing information for interdomain RPF checking.
  • SSM & other topics
  • Deploying multicast in a multi-vendor environment

Please be aware that participants are required to bring laptops

Workshop Registration Fee:
USD500 / RM 1,750 per person

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