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APRICOT Tutorials

A list of approved APRICOT 2010 tutorials is now available. Tutorial sessions are 90 minute or 180 minute detailed technical presentations focusing on a particular subject in depth.

Historically, tutorials have focused on core operational skills and basic protocol knowledge, with conference sessions highlighting day-to-day operations and recent/emerging issues within a 12-18 month time horizon.

Which routing protocol? presented by Faraz Shamim (Cisco)
DNSSec presented by Hervey Allen & Phil Regnauld (NSRC)
BGP Techniques for Service Providers presented by Philip Smith (Cisco)
Internet Routing Registry presented by APNIC Training Team (APNIC)
Internet Resource Management presented by APNIC Training Team (APNIC)
Network Core Infrastructure Security - Best Practices presented by Yusuf Bhaiji (Cisco)
Layer 2 Attacks and Mitigation Techniques presented by Yusuf Bhaiji (Cisco)
MPLS-based Metro Ethernet Networks presented by Paresh Khatri (Alcatel-Lucent)
IPv6 multicast tutorial for carrier/ISP presented by Yasuo Kashimura (Alcatel-lucent)
Ethernet OAM Tutorial presented by Santanu Dasgupta (Cisco Systems)
Best Practices in Network Planning presented by Arman Maghbouleh (Cariden Technologies, Inc.)
The New Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Standard - What it is, and how to use it presented by Gihan Dias (LK Domain Registry)
Porting IPv4 applications to dual stack, with examples presented by Owen DeLong (Vusion)
Packet Based (IP) Radio Access Network Tutorial presented by Kasu Venkat Reddy (Cisco)