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IPv6 multicast tutorial for carrier/ISP

Presented by Yasuo Kashimura (Alcatel-Lucent) [bio] [slides]

In this session, I will introduce IPv6 multicast basics, for example, like what is multicast and what is it used for? This includes IPv6 multicast service examples.

We look at the detail of multicast protocol (MLD/PIM) and related features, and some failure scenarios and configuration/show commands on the router.

  • IPv6 Basics: Header Format/Addressing
  • What is Multicast?
  • MLDv1/v2
  • Multicast Forwarding and PIM
  • PIM-SM (ASM: Any Source Multicast)
  • PIM-SSM (SSM: Source Specific Multicast)
  • MLD Snooping
  • Failure Case Study
  • IPv6 Multicast Configuration and Show commands
  • IPv6 Multicast Trouble shooting