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APRICOT Workshops

APRICOT workshops are full five day courses focusing on key technical and operational subject areas. Workshops are usually highly interactive and often include lab time or practical demonstrations. The workshops are run in the week prior to the tutorials and conferences.

IPv4/IPv6 Routing

A workshop for those building or operating a wide area TCP/IP based ISP network or IXP with international and/or multi-provider connectivity. This workshop will be held twice due to demand.

ISP Security

An advanced hands-on workshop covering best practice network infrastructure security including DDoS, IP spoofing, RTBH, and the design and deployment of Level 3 VPNs.


This course is designed for those deploying multicast networks on educational campuses. Attendees will form small teams to build a set of inter-connected multicast networks.


A technical workshop for wide area TCP/IP based ISPs, or metro service providers. Staff from larger ISPs venturing into differentiated services would also benefit.

Network Management

A course for those who managing diverse Network and NOC operations, combining theory and lab. Lab work on Ubuntu Linux constitutes about 60% of the total course.


This technical workshop is designed for those deploying IP Multicast services on an IP based ISP network, enterprise or campus network, or at an Internet exchange Point.