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APRICOT Workshop Dinner

Please note that this dinner is open to APRICOT Workshop participants only

See yourself the coconut and ricefields, cows grazing, locally owned pottery kilns, road side fruits stalls and ricketly general stores. Kuala Selangor situated on the bank of Selangor River, has a rich history and is well known for it fresh seafood.

  • Visit to Bukit Melawati - This hill offers a sweeping view over the Straits of Malacca and the mangrove swamps of Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Attractions include of the historic Altingberg Lighthouse and the occasional visit by tamed Silvered Leaf Monkeys, a rare species confined to parts of the west coast.
  • Fireflies by Night - Located in Kampung Kuantan, widely known for its large colony of fireflies. The mangrove trees lining the riverbanks glow after dusk like Christmas trees. Witness the light and glow of fireflies while enjoying a pleasant boat ride on the Selangor River.
  • Fresh seafood dinner - Kuala Selangor is associated with seafood because it is so close the sea and famous with it Kampung style setting.