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Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short talks/presentations on relevant topics that last no more than 10 minutes, including walking to podium and Q&A. This time limit is strictly enforced. Lightning talks are open to all registered APRICOT attendees.

11:00 Counting Mac in IPv6
George Michaelson
Slides 1.1 MB
.ht Recovering DNS from the Earthquake
Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
Slides 108.4 KB
Migration to Fibre
Sharona Bakara
Slides 78.4 KB
Quantum leap by using free internet resources
Edwin Purwandesi
Slides 664.3 KB
JANOG update
Yasuyuki Hamada
Slides 2.2 MB
Multicast FRR
Santanu Dasgupta
Slides 569.3 KB
Voip Emergency Services
Richard Barnes
Slides 90.0 KB
APRICOT 2010 wireless network tuning
Jonny Martin
Slides 2.3 MB

Talks on topics that are timely, interesting, or even a little crazy, are invited. The APRICOT Program Committee will evaluate all submissions and choose the best eight. Talks must be relevant to the APRICOT community, as per the APRICOT Presentation Guidelines.

If you've thought about presenting at a future APRICOT, a lightning talk this year is a great place to start!

The use of slides is not required although most people choose to use them. Speakers typically prepare three or four slides. Final slides (or detailed outline of talk if not using slides) must be provided with the talk proposal. Due to time constraints, these will be presented from a common laptop - speakers will not be using their own. Please note in your submission if you require a web browser or other application for a live demonstration.

To submit a Lightning talk please login to the submission site (create a new login if you don't have one already. Submit a new conference presentation in the LIGHTNING TALK stream.

Final slides MUST be included and in PDF format as all lightning talks will be presented from a common presentation laptop. If your talk requires presentations build-outs then be sure to write each step of the build-out as a new page in the PDF.

There is some useful advice on giving Lightning Talks at: