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2010 ICANN Nominating Committee KL Outreach Event

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an internationally organized, public benefit, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the operational security and stability of the Internet; promoting competition; achieving broad representation of global Internet communities; and supporting the development of policies through bottom-up, consensus-based processes.

ICANN's Nominating Committee is an independent group made up of representatives from ICANN's constituencies and tasked with selecting a majority of the members of ICANN's Board of Directors and other positions within ICANN's Supporting Organisations. (See: ICANN Organizational Chart)

Individuals selected by the Nominating Committee will have a unique opportunity to work with accomplished colleagues from around the globe, address the Internet's intriguing technical coordination issues and policy development challenges with diverse functional, cultural, and geographic dimensions, and gain valuable insights and experience from working across boundaries of knowledge, responsibility and perspective.

Those selected will gain the satisfaction of making a valuable public service contribution towards the continued function and evolution of this essential global resource. They will help ensure the stability and security of the Internet for critically important societal functions.

The ICANN Nomination Committee is seeking involvement from the Asia-Pacific Internet community and invites you to attend this short workshop to learn more about ICANN and the nomination process.